Ever since its release, Minecraft has been expanded quite a bit, with a lot of new content and features that have made one of the most popular titles ever released. The game originally created by Mojang is soon going to get even more content, as detailed during Minecon Earth 2018.

The next major Minecraft update is going to be called Village and Pillage, and the name that already suggests the type of new content the game will get.

The Village and Pillage update will introduce 10 new villagers to the game as well as Pillagers, who will be far less friendly than villagers, as they will try everything they can to ruin what players have built.

Pillagers will also be able to invade villages, so it will be up to players to prevent them from doing so. Thankfully, the new villagers will be there to help them.

The new villages come with some brand new jobs which will help players build their villages. Butcher, Fisher, Leatherworker, Farmer, Fletcher, Armorer, Toolsmith, Shepherd and Weaponsmith will contribute quite a bit to the village, but the Cleric, Cartographer, and Librarian will also provide some important services. Additionally, all new villagers will have a different appearance depending on the biome. Now, this is attention to detail!

The new additions of the Village and Pillage update don’t end here, as new animals like pandas and cats will be added to the game.

The Minecraft Village and Pillage update will release sometime next year. The game is now available on the App Store and Google Play Store.


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