Minecraft Story Mode

The first episode of Minecraft Story Mode, the adventure game based on the popular sandbox game developed by Mojang, is finally getting released this week and players all over the world are getting more curious to see if Telltale Games managed to properly combine the Minecraft world with their adventure games formula. The first episode will be released only in a few days but later today it will be possible for Minecraft fans to see more of the game in action during a livestream.

The new Minecraft Story Mode livestream, which is called the World’s Largest Let’s Play, will be aired later today at 10 PM EST. Present during the event will be some of the game’s creators and cast, as well as many members of the Minecraft community. Members of the audience will be able to participate actively by directing the choices of those playing the game. You will be able to check out the livestream later today on YouTube Gaming.

Minecraft Story Mode will be an adventure game like several others developed by Telltale Games, with players following an all new story set in the Minecraft world. Like other games from the team, Minecraft Story Mode will feature a few different choices in key parts of the story that will influence future events.

Minecraft Story Mode first episode launches later this week on the App Store in all regions.



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