Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft – Pocket Edition, the mobile version of the highly successful game developed by Mojang, is going to receive a new update soon.

Johan Bernhardsson, one of the developers of Minecraft – Pocket Edition, has confirmed that the team will submit the 0.10.0 update to Apple tomorrow for certification. If everything goes well, we will see the update becoming available in the next few days.


Here’s the list of the changes and tweaks that will be included in Minecraft – Pocket Edition version 0.10.0 :


  • General
    • Day/night cycle in creative.
    • Adaptation for 64-bit hardware/software, making the game faster for 64-bit users.
    • Support for the resolutions of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.
  • Blocks/Items


  • Terrain:
    • Version exclusiveMineshafts now spawn at the surface in mesas.
    • Version exclusiveGold ore can generate at any level in mesa biomes.
    • Version exclusive: Huge mushrooms now spawn in swamps.
  • Mobs
    • Walking animations are generally faster and have been tweaked per-animal
    • Hostile mobs spawn in groups
    • Slimes now have bouncing animations.
  • Graphics:Made the chat smaller[4]
    • Shaders
      • Rounded, PC colored fog.
      • Lighter and smoother water texture.
      • The Sun is now slightly larger.
      • The clouds and the terrain are now tinted blue during night
      • Version exclusive: Smooth lighting on water.
      • Version exclusive: New swamp water color.
      • Version exclusive: The clouds and the terrain are now tinted red during sunset
    • OpenGL ES 2.0.
      • Tinted lighting from PC.
      • Mipmaps on Android devices using OpenGL ES 3.0.
    • Version exclusive: Added dust particles for falling gravel and sand.
  • Optimized chunk rendering.
  • Improved Performance.
  • The time of day is now more accurately synced in multiplayer.
  • Added a selection overlay on Chests and Signs.
  • “Cancel” button will show up if joining a multiplayer world/server takes too long.
  • The outline of chat messages ends where the message ends, and does not cover the whole screen.


  • Graphics
    • Brightness toggle


  • Game freezes when an alert or different UI is opened (iOS)[5]

  • Fixed a crash when rendering monster spawners.

  • Fixed a crash/memory leak happening when showing the system keyboard – signs and chat. (iOS)

  • Fxed a corruption and possible crash when switching apps. (Android)

  • Fixed the “spawning in the air” bug.

  • Fixed a crash when creating lava during world generation.

  • Fixed a white artifact on torches held in hand.

  • Fixed holes appearing in the clouds.

  • Fixed a brown artifact appearing on the bottom of minecarts.

  • Fixed a random crash in multiplayer.

  • Fixed a possible crash when selecting double chests.

  • Fixed water not pushing things.

  • Fixed incorrect damage for punching

  • Fixed black artifact on chickens

  • Fixed incorrect speed for cows



  1. What does the version exclusive in red mean?
    Minecraft updates are always something to look forward to. I think
    the update after this one will finally add a paddle for the boat was hoping
    for that on this one so we will see.


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