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Minecraft Pocket Edition: How to Change Your Skin

Minecraft Pocket Edition: How to Change Your Skin
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Mojang’s Minecraft is bigger than ever with a big new update over the horizon. Players of all ages can enjoy the game on just about any platform, but today we will be looking at the mobile version in particular.

New players might be confused on why everyone looks like cool characters while they are stuck with the default Steve skin, but don’t fret! Today we are here to show you how to change your skin on Minecraft Pocket Edition so you can be like the cool kids!

Method 1: Download Free Skins Online

The most fun part of this process is picking out a cool skin for your Minecraft character! You can either look for a skin someone else has created or make one yourself. Don’t worry, it’s really easy to make your own Minecraft skin.

If you Google search “minecraft skins,” you will find all sorts of websites where you can find lots of cool skins. We recommend The Skindex as it features plenty of awesome skins to use and an easy-to-use editor.

Once you find a good skin, make sure to download the PNG and transfer it to your device. The simplest way to do this is to send yourself an email with the skin file attached, or you can use things like iCloud or Google Drive.

Now that you have your skin, open Minecraft and tap the profile button on the right side of the main menu. Here you can see your characters, and to use the skin you just downloaded you have to select an empty character and tap on “create character”.

You’ll see three tabs on the left side of the screen. You want to tap on the middle one, the “classic skins” tab. Tap on the “owned” category, then tap on the silhouette. This allows you to import an image from your device’s camera roll by tapping the “choose new skin” button.

And voila! Your selected skin should now show up on the blank character.

Method 2: Create your Own Character Using In-Game Unlocks

A feature exclusive to the Bedrock edition of Minecraft (including the Pocket edition) is a new character skin builder. In the profile section, the left most tab is the character creator tab.

There are two tabs here: body and style. Body lets you customize things like your skin color, body type, hair style, arms, legs, among others.

Style lets you change individual clothing on your character. You can do things like give your character a special top, then give them different arm coverings! You only have a few options to choose from the start, but you can unlock more by accomplishing certain achievements.

Styles that can be unlocked in-game have a lock on them. Tapping on the style will show you exactly what achievement you need to get in order to unlock it, so you can start working towards them.

Other styles that have a coin next them must be unlocked through minecoins, the premium currency of the game. You’ll need to pay real money to get minecoins.

Method 3: Buy Skins from the Marketplace

Alternatively, you can also purchase whole skin sets directly from the Minecraft marketplace. You can access the marketplace from the main menu, then you can head into the skin packs.

You sort the store by official skins, or you can look at all skin packs including community-made skins. To purchase any of the skins you need minecoins which have to be bought using real life money.

Despite the real world currency cost, marketplace skins are the most straightforward skins to use. Once you purchase a skin you can apply it immediately in your profile page!

And there you have it: the three different ways of changing your skin in Minecraft Pocket Edition! Now you’re ready to show off your own awesome Minecraft character.

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Minecraft Pocket Edition: How to Change Your Skin


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