Minecraft Ore Spawn Levels: Where to Find All Ores


Minecraft is undeniably incomplete without ores, as searching for ores is an infinite task in the game. Ores are the blocks that provide us with different materials to craft loads of items.

As of writing, Minecraft has a total of 11 different ores in both the Overworld and the Nether. Each ore is made up of different materials and comes with specific uses. Here’s a list of all those ores, along with their spawn levels after Patch 1.17.

Where to find all Ores in Minecraft


Where to find ores in Minecraft Overworld
Minecraft Overworld ores spawn levls

The Overworld is where players spawn, with different biomes and villages. In the Overworld, -64 is the lowest level in the world. However, the Minecraft bedrock edition ranges between -64 and -60.


  • Spawn range: 0 – 320
  • Densest spawn levels: 95 & 136


  • Spawn range: -16 – 112
  • Densest spawn level: 48


  • Spawn range: -64 – 320
  • Densest spawn levels: 15 & 232


  • Spawn range: -64 – 256
  • Densest spawn level: 32 – 256

Lapis Lazuli

  • Spawn range: -64 – 64
  • Densest spawn level: -1


  • Spawn range: -64 – 16
  • Densest spawn level: -59


  • Spawn range: -64 – 16
  • Densest spawn level: -59


  • Spawn range: -16 – 320
  • Densest spawn level: 236

The Nether

Where to find ores in Minecraft Nether
Minecraft Nether ores spawn levls

The Nether world has totally different levels from the previous world. The lava conceals most of level 31, and bedrock starts at 1.

Nether Quartz

  • Spawn range: 10 – 127
  • Densest spawn level: Up to 120

Nether Gold

  • Spawn range: 10 – 116
  • Densest spawn level: 15

Ancient Debris

  • Spawn range: 13 – 119
  • Densest spawn level: 13 – 17

If you still have any questions regarding Minecraft Ores spawn levels, feel free to ask them in the comments section.

Minecraft is one of the most popular creative games currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Android, and iOS.

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Minecraft Ore Spawn Levels: Where to Find All Ores


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