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The world of Minecraft holds many wonders and secrets, with dungeons being an exciting excursion. Dungeons can hold valuable treasures, but beware – they are also host to mob spawners, so be prepared for a fight! We’ll show you how to find dungeons easily in our Minecraft guide on how to find dungeons!

What are dungeons?

Dungeons are small, square rooms surrounded by mossy cobblestone and regular cobblestone. Within the cobblestone walls, you are guaranteed to find a mob spawner, a block that will continuously spawn one type of mob, usually a spider or zombie. You can break the spawner to stop the mobs from spawning or save the dungeon for an easy place to farm a specific mob.

Source: Minecraft Wiki

Sometimes dungeons will also contain a chest as well, and you can find rare items inside, some of which can only be found through dungeon chests. You can find things like horse armor, music discs, saddles, and more. Dungeons are worth searching for!

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How to find dungeons

Dungeons generate in the overworld next to or in a natural cave. Your best bet of finding a dungeon is to simply wander around the overworld until you find a cave opening that leads to a tunnel network and explore it fully. If you’re lucky you’ll run into a dungeon, but if you’re not just keep on looking for a naturally formed cave. Make sure that the cave runs deeps enough too.

We recommend turning up your volume if you’re looking for a dungeon. If you’re close to one, the spawner will activate and start spawning a bunch of mobs, at which point you should be hearing tons of zombie, spider, or whatever noises coming from the direction of the dungeon. Follow the direction of the noises and you should be able to find the dungeon – just keep an eye out for the cobblestone.

Using Chunkbase to Easily Locate Dungeons

If you’re just having no luck finding a dungeon, you can always take advantage of external tools, including websites like Chunkbase’s dungeon finder. How this works is that you punch in your world’s seed and then the game will map out your world and highlight where your dungeons are.

This could be considered cheating, but that’s up to you if you want to go this route. This tool will help you immediately find your dungeons, so all that is left is to simply travel there.

We hope this guide helps you on your dungeon traversals. Safe travels and make sure to bring your sword!

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Minecraft: How to Find Dungeons | Tips and Cheats


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