Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Earth is a very interesting AR game that takes advantage of some of the mechanics seen in Minecraft to offer a very unique experience. Sadly, it seems like the game failed to make a splash, and it will soon close down.

With a new message shared on the game’s official blog, Mojang confirmed that Minecraft Earth will shut down on June 30. The game’s final update, which launches the Super Season, will introduce some gameplay changes, new Character Creator items, reduced time for crafting and smelting and more. If you have never tried the game out, now is your last chance.


It is a real shame that Minecraft Earth is closing down, as the game had the potential to rival the world’s most popular AR game ever made, Pokemon GO. Sadly, the current pandemic made it extremely difficult for players to be outside their homes to enjoy the game fully, so it shutting down is likely related more to circumstances rather than to the game’s quality, which has always been good since the very beginning.

Minecraft Earth will be available on the App Store and Google Play Store until June 30.


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