Minecraft Demonic Blessing Mod Guide – Tips, Tricks, How to Install

Minecraft Demonic Blessing Mod Guide - Tips, Tricks, How to Install

The Minecraft Demonic Blessing mod is primarily focused on PVP, as it will add to the game a huge variety of exclusive weapons, armor and abilities, and even cool replicas. There will be a new dimension, bosses, classes for players, and much more. Below, in our guide, we will try to teach you everything you need to know about this mod.

Minecraft Demonic Blessing Weapons Guide

Scythes of Kain: Blue and Red forms – blue deals a lot of void damage and sethealth (special HP removal from the enemy, from which almost nothing protects), depending on health. The lower the HP, the more damage.

Zangetsu’s sword deals low damage and can transform into Bankai form after killing Diedi Candito. The Bankai has a teleportation ability called “Sonido”.

The Patapon Drum has all the most useful level 4 vanilla effects.

Bramma Kuva – Inflicts huge void and lightning damage in an area.

Frostmourne – Deals magic damage and gets stronger as you kill, increases magic damage by 1 per soul, max 10k souls.

The fog-cleaving sword is crafted from stone, which drops from the priest’s faq. It has the most unique abilities, teleportation, splash damage, etc.

Scythe of Kain-Bruzer deals enhanced sethealth (a special HP drain that can kill even through a set of accidents and relics of immortality) and also has right-click flight. The strength of the sethealth and the flight speed depends on the amount of HP regen.

Where to Get Weapons

Ice scythe. The Ice Scythe has a 1% chance to drop from a Snowman and can be upgraded at a Demonic Anvil. The Frost Scythe starts out with 5 physical damage, which increases with the level of enchantment. For sharpening, you need to use black stones for weapons for lvl 1-15 and large black stones for lvl 15-20. When trying to sharpen, there is a certain chance of success, If it fails, the durability of the item will simply be reduced by 20 to 15 lvl. After lvl 15, if it fails, the enhancement level will decrease by 1. 

This lowering of the level can be prevented using Cron stones. You can get stones for sharpening by melting weapons in the stove, or by finding them in dungeons. Crown stones, as well as fragments of memories needed for repair, can only be found in dungeons.

The Death Scythe can be obtained by empowering a level 20 Frost Scythe with a special stone that can be crafted at a workbench. The death scythe deals both physical damage and void damage.

Dimensions and Worlds

New dimension – “Moon”. To get there, you need to make a frame from the blocks of the stars of hell and light it with the secret technology of the Lunarians. In this dimension, you can get the sword of Longyan by trading with Ehmeya (trade gems drop with a very small chance when destroying moonstones).

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Dimension “Stockholm” – the portal to it is made from blocks of weeping obsidian and ignited by a thing called “I have no ideas” (which is made from 9 primogems). In this dimension, you can find new, hardest dungeons with a chest and ultra-strong mobs. 

Minecraft Demonic Blessing Armor Guide

Shadow armor – reduces certain types of damage by 90% (with a secret trick and gems, absorption can be dispersed by a maximum of 99.7%)

Ninja armor – allows you to dodge all types of damage (including from mods) with a certain chance (crafting materials drop from the first boss). (with absorption, the dodge chance increases up to 97% with an improvement stone).

Void Armor – Randomizes any damage dealt to you between 1 and 20 (dropped by the last boss). (Randomized damage decreases down to -4 with absorption).

Where to Get Armor

Initial Nebula Armor – can be obtained by enhancing Diamond Armor with a Nebula Fragment, which can be found in dungeons or can be dropped from the Splendid Cannabsa boss with a 40% chance. Protects against all damage by several points. Protection is only affected by its level of sharpening.

Minecraft Demonic Blessing Bosses

The two initial bosses are summoned by hitting an iron golem with a wand or black rose. Primogems fall from them, which can be put in the thaumonomicon and receive random resources, boss summons, and weapon enhancements for them.

List of bosses by strength:

  • Gorgeous cannabsa
  • Blessed Cannabsa
  • Diedi Candito
  • Pyding
  • F**k Jresko
  • Arthas
  • Secret Pudding
  • Final Angry Pudding (unlike the others, its main feature is a limited time to kill)


Gems are crafted from the dust that drops when opening a cooler chest in the Stockholm dungeon with a 100% chance. Gems give crit damage/crit chance/absorption/hp regen. The crafting stats are random and can be of different strengths. A small gem has a maximum of 80 strength, a large gem has 160. Stats can be changed using chaos spark in the gem forge, as well as increasing existing ones using the builder’s focus. Each gem can only have 2 characteristics.

Glowing stone gives not only a bonus to classes, but also to weapons, adding new abilities to them. This is a black hole in the Scythe of Cain-Bruzer when pressing shift + alt + RMB (pulls mobs and inflicts a large setheal), as well as an alternative to the ultimate of the Mist Splitter – hail of lightning (continuously hits with devastating lightning damage up to a million), when pressing shift + ctrl + alt+rmb a hail of lightning appears, if at least one key is released, the hail of lightning will stop and the weapon will go on cooldown. If the cooldown counter reaches 200, the weapon will overheat and be unable to use this ability until its own life is sacrificed. The damage of these abilities depends on the stats in the gems.

How to Install Minecraft Demonic Blessing

  1. Install Minecraft Forge or fabric.
  2. Without unpacking, copy the mod to C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\mods;
  3. Enjoy the mod.

We hope this guide was useful and you enjoy the mod, good luck! If you have additional tips for fellow players, make sure to share them with the rest of us down in the comments below!

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Minecraft Demonic Blessing Mod Guide – Tips, Tricks, How to Install


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