My latest obsession when it comes to gaming on my iPad is Mine Heroes, a title that has been recently launched and one that is definitely here to stay thanks to its unique approach to the RPG genre and great setting. A true gem here, one that you certainly want to make better by improving your game and that’s why I am here today: to share with you a bunch of Mine Heroes cheats and tips, strategies that will help you get all the heroes and turn them into superstars, explore all mines and defend your own from invaders.

So let’s not waste a single second and let’s check out below Touch, Tap, Play’s Mine Heroes tips and cheats!

1. Do the daily quests… daily if you want to get some quick resources and especially free Spare Parts to upgrade your Train Engine and progress through the game. The daily missions are extremely easy, so make sure that you complete them each and every day.

2. Don’t let autoplay do the work for you, at least not in difficult stages or mine attacks. Autoplay activates the special skills of your heroes as soon as the meter is full, and that is not the best strategy. When you’re dealing with new mines or attacking other players, it would be best to play the missions by yourself in order to activate the special skills at the right time. Which takes us to the next tip…

3. Know your heroes, their stats and their special skills. Each has different actions it can perform and you should know exactly what each does in order to get the most out of them. Jones, for example, blasts all enemies around him while Niya attacks in a straight line from a distance. Each hero is different and knowing exactly what their special skill does will allow you to activate it at the perfect time and get the most out of it.

4. Max out your heroes using the following methods:

– tap the Study button and invest the “books” to level them up faster. They replenish automatically, so it makes sense to get there often and spend the study points to level them up.
– promote your heroes by spending the required Materials (equipment of a certain rarity). Have in mind that the materials used for Promoting will be consumed.
– equip items and, most importantly, enhance them. Start with whatever items you have and then, when you have more to choose from, change them between them. Enhance the items to greatly improve the skills of your heroes and keep them competitive. Good equipment is vital for your heroes so make sure that you always use the best possible equipment, enhance it and then salvage the ones that you don’t use.

5. How to defend your mine flawlessly
A great strategy for defending your mine is to create a maze or, even better, to create a long walking tunnel that enemy heroes have to go through. Just make it like a snake: |_|-| and keep on doing this. The greater the distance enemy heroes have to cover, the more chances you will have for them to run out of oxygen and you to keep your treasure safe. Of course, you should also place the maximum amount of defenses along the way and enhance the mine defenses as well from the Machinery menu.

6. Do all the raids
Once you three star a mission, you can do raids, which is basically a quick complete of a mission. You have just 10 of those per day, so make sure that you use them first. Grinding and replaying missions over and over again is something that you need to do anyway, so it’s all easier. Just choose the mission you want to complete based on the potential drops (those giving you rare equipment or heroes being the most important), and keep on playing. Not only that you’ll keep on getting resources this way, but you will also gain XP points for your Heroes and level them up. Also, don’t forget that after successfully completing a chapter in Adventure mode, you will unlock Exploration, with even better rewards: tap the button in the lower left corner in Adventure mode to go to the Exploration stages and have fun!

7. How to get more heroes
There are multiple ways to get more heroes in Mine Heroes, but none is guaranteed and all involve playing the game a lot. Purchase chests from the tavern to have a shot at getting heroes. I would personally suggest to only get the 5 free individual ones daily, and get the pack of 8 when you want to spend regular coins. This way, you will get a guaranteed special item so even if you don’t get heroes, you still have a guarantee of something good. Also, you can play and replay the in-game missions, adventure or especially Explorations and eventually they will drop more heroes. But it’s all pretty much random and if you want them all, you have to be really active.

This would be it for now. But if you have more Mine Heroes tips or cheats to share with fellow players, let us know by commenting below!


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