The world of Million Arthur comes to us from the acclaimed developer Gamevil. It’s a new card-based RPG that has you take control of an “Arthur,” a special hero chosen by the legendary sword Excalibur. Build your deck full of powerful allies and become the true king with our Million Arthur cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Explore often!

Since the method getting cards is almost completely random, you’re better off just exploring the single player areas. As you explore regions, you will come across other players. You’ll get some friend points for doing so, and once you have 200 friend points you can draw a random one to four star card.

2. View the story segments!

After the tutorial is over, you are free to do as you wish. The main storyline will not continue until you watch the story segments. Even if you don’t care for the plot, you should still go through these as you’re rewarded at the end of each segment. Best of all, you can set the scenes to auto-skip if you swipe left. Each story segment has a required level though, so come back once you’ve done other activities.

3. Combine cards!

The main method of growing stronger when you’re still starting out is to combine your cards. It works exactly how it does in any other card game – you choose a base card to power up, then sacrifice extra cards you don’t need to complete the process. Do note though that as you explore and receive duplicates of cards you already own, they will automatically level up. Keep this in mind when deciding what cards to sacrifice.

4. Battle points or action points? You decide!

Action points are required for the single player exploration mode. Each zone you go through takes an action point. Battle points are deducted every time you challenge another player to a duel. Which one do you like to play more? Player versus player or single player? Every time you level up you get to decide which points you increase. You can pour all of your points into one type if you so wish!

5. View your cards’ skills!

Each card has their own unique skill that activates during battle. Some synergize well with others, and some work fine by themselves. Be sure to go over your favorite cards skills and see if you can build around them to emphasize their usefulness.

6. Combo your cards!

Combining several cards in the same attack row will activate a combo. Combos are passive stat boosts to all your cards, such as higher attack and higher HP. Experiment around and see what combos activate with your cards!

Now, the power of the knights is yours to wield! Have any other tips or strategies to share? Let us know in the comments below!


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