Miitopia Job Guide: Scientist


Despite its quirkiness, Miitopia is a proper role-playing game that allows players to customize their characters by equipping them with different gear and assigning them different jobs. The game’s job system is not as deep as that found in other games, but it still provides all the tools you need to turn your Mii character into the hero you have always dreamt of being.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Scientist job.


The Scientist is among the best jobs you can get in Miitopia. This job is known for its extremely high speed, multi-target skills, and the Safety Mask skill, a very useful skill that protects party members from status ailments. Enemies in the post-game use status ailments a lot, so this skill is fundamental to have if you want to master Miitopia and see everything it has to offer.

To unlock the Scientist job, you will have to complete Chapter 1 and reach the Neksdor region.


While Speed is already quite high to begin with, you may want to invest a little in the stat so that the Scientist’s skills will be at your disposal as often as possible. Additionally, as many of the Skills the Scientist learns are magic spells, you will want to improve the Magic stat as well.


By focusing on Speed and Magic, you may make the Scientist a little frail. In this case, the Laid-back personality is the right one, as it provides additional protection that the other personalities don’t offer. If you’re thinking about making your Scientist a damage-dealing beast, however, you should go with Cool to get access to Pressure Point, which increases damage by 1.5.


The Scientist learns a variety of offensive and supportive skills that make it a very versatile job.

Glitch – Level 2 – Cause a critical error in one enemy’s data, dealing damage. (magic)
Ignite – Level 5 – Add dubious chemicals to a friend’s weapon to widen attack range. (auto)
Unstable Formula – Level 7 – A deadly concoction that deals great damage to all enemies. (magic)
Safety Mask – Level 11 – Cover a teammate’s face with a mask to prevent status ailments. (auto)
Cure.exe – Level 14 – Restore a friend’s HP and MP with scientific wizardry. (magic)
Absorb – Level 17 – Restore a friend’s HP when they take damage. (auto)
Volatile Formula – Level 24 – A deadly compound that hits all enemies when exposed to air. (magic)
Black Hole – Level 30 – Generate a mini black hole to deal great damage to all enemies. (magic)

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Miitopia Job Guide: Scientist


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