Nintendo has finally launched their social app/game Miitomo for iPhone and iPad users and, after initial testing, we can say that we’re dealing with an insanely fun product that’s way better and funnier than expected. Of course, this is more fun the more friends you have in the app (that’s the key on any social network, right?) but that problem will surely be solved soon as the app grows in popularity (or as you add more strangers to your list).

But we’re not here to talk about all the details and things that make this new app from Nintendo great, we’re here to talk business. In other words, I am here to share with you a complete guide on how to make more coins in Miitomo and spend them to buy all the cool clothes that you need or want to personalize your Mii and impress your friends with your fashion rating. Because, yes, you can’t be social without looking cool.

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out how to easily make more coins in Miitomo!

1. Add more friends
The more friends you have in Miitomo, the more coins you will have, so don’t be shy and add as many people as you possibly can – no matter if they are real life friends or complete strangers (although the first option is definitely more fun!)

You don’t get coins just from adding friends, though, but you do get some coins every time their Miis ask you a question. And the more you have, the more questions you get and the more coins you make in return. It’s pretty easy (and really fun!)

2. Answer questions
Miitomo has a ton of questions for you to answer and each time you do so, you earn coins. So make sure that you use any spare time that you have every day to answer more questions (this also makes everything a lot more fun, opening up more possibilities for you to learn a lot more about your friends and have some great fun time!)

3. Get the daily bonus
Make sure you log in every day in order to receive your free Miitomo coins! They’re on the house!

4. Play the Miitomo Drop mini game
Although you don’t get coins there (at least not for now, things might change with a future update), you have big chances of scoring free clothing items each time you play the game – and since clothes cost coins, it’s like earning free coins. Almost, because most likely all you’re going to win is going to be free candy. Still better than nothing!

Finally, if you don’t have a lot of friends to answer questions for or listen to answers, you can always buy some extra coins for real life money, but so far I didn’t feel that I really have to do that (maybe because I still didn’t find that insanely expensive item that I just have to own – I am sure it will happen soon though).

What’s your favorite way of getting more coins in Miitomo? Let us know by commenting below!


  1. “but you do get some coins every time their Miis ask you a question.”
    Every time? Isn’t it like 10 or 15 coins for the first 5-10 questions and after that you get nothing?

    “Miitomo has a ton of questions for you to answer and each time you do so, you earn coins.”
    Same here.

    Also, you get coins for commenting on other people’s answers. That too only works a limited number of time.

    Seems like it’s really hard to get a lot of coins.

    • Try doing it again the next day and you will receive coins again. It seems that there is a limit of free coins you can get per day, but when we played it was pretty high.

      • After you max out the friend bonuses you actually don’t get that much in daily coins. After answering questions, commenting, etc. I maxed out at 115 coins today, and that’s with something like 40 miitomo friends.

    • It doesnt seem like you can. Since I tried it and I had to use either “Face-to-Face”, Twitter or Facebook. The QR codes just lets you take that person’s look.


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