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Mighty Party – Best Heroes in the Game

Mighty Party – Best Heroes in the Game
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Have you ever wondered what are some of the best heroes in Mighty Party? Well, we have—and that’s why we’ve put together a guide with some of the best cards in the game, so that you can have an easier time when faced with choosing between them.

Heroes in Mighty Party are sorted into three different categories: Order, Chaos, and Nature. Each of these can also be a Ranged, Melee, or Building unit. This is our selection of the three best heroes for each Faction in Mighty Party, regardless of the unit type.

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Best Order Heroes in Mighty Party

Mighty Party heroes
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Blair is a Legendary, event-locked hero that evolves from Adherent. She belongs to the Ranged sub-category and has some great stats at Level 1—17 Atk and 13 HP. She also comes with some great skills, bringing the HP of ranged enemies to 5 and providing allies in the row (including herself) with a Mental Shield that deals 7 Damage when it expires.

Eostre the Dawn Glow

Another event-locked hero, Eostre the Dawn Glow is also a Ranged unit, and she evolves from Sunrise Maiden. With 10 Atk and 25 HP, she is good even at Level 1. She can silence male enemies, give +4 HP to allies for each female at the end of a turn, and deal 3 Damage for each ally at the beginning of the turn. Eostre also has the power of flight, which makes her even cooler.

Mina Hellsing

Mina is another Legendary hero—and yet again—a representative of the Ranged units. She evolves from Evil Slayer and has 12 Atk and 16 HP at the base level. Mina deals 8 Damage to the enemy Warlord and gets one extra attack in such cases (once per turn), and her strong suits are Accuracy and Evasion.

Best Chaos Heroes in Mighty Party

Mighty Party heroes
Image by Panoramik

Dead Lord

This Legendary Melee unit unlocks at League 3 and evolves from Living Dead. He comes with 8 Atk and 26 HP. Dead Lord can summon zombies to the battlefield and transform melee enemies into zombies, and he gains +4 Atk at the end of the turn for every allied zombie.

Shadow Shaa-Moona

She is a Legendary event-locked hero of the Melee type, who evolves from Half Moon Priestess. Besides having 14 Atk and 12 HP at the base level, she can summon Eclipse Shards in the first row, deals 6 Damage to enemies around her (radius 2), and has counter-attack skills.


One more event-locked hero, Arachne evolves from Black Widow and belongs to the Ranged category. This Legendary character comes with 15 Atk and 20 HP and applies 5 Toxin Atk to all enemies in the radius of 1 cell around her, stealing 4 HP from them. At the end of the turn, she equips a Mental Shield.

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Best Nature Heroes in Mighty Party

Mighty Party heroes
Screengrab via Panoramik

Mosura Wind Breath

Part of the Horn of Plenty event, Mosura evolves from Imago as a Melee-type and comes with 8 Atk and 9 HP at the basic level. Her skills make her a great asset, including the ability to summon a copy of herself to the row, add 5 Pierce Damage, and get +2 Atk when an ally appears.

Dandy Croc

Appearing as a part of the Crocodile Tears event, this Melee hero evolves from Thug Hunter and comes with 14 Atk and 23 HP. His special skills include stealing 9 HP or 6 Atk from enemies and adding 5 Spikes Damage.

Coba, Temple Keeper

Coba, Temple Keeper showed up in the Animus event as a Melee unit that evolves from Stone Guardian. His basic stats include 8 Atk and 39 HP. Coba brings a powerful advantage to the battlefield as he can heal the ally Warlord for 9 points and poisons enemies with 9 Damage at the end of the turn. Coba can also summon a powerful Stone Golem with 18 Atk and 62 HP.

That concludes our selection of the top 3 best heroes for each Faction in Mighty Party. Let us know if you have any other favorites and explore the rest of our dedicated Mighty Party section here on TouchTapPlay for more useful guides!

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