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Mighty Heroes Cheats: Tips & Guide to Defeat All Opponents

This article is over 4 years old and may contain outdated information

In today’s article we are going to cover all of the Mighty Heroes tips and cheats that we discovered thus far, so that you can defeat all of your opponents and create a powerful take to take on anyone!

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In this game you will have to rely a little bit on RNG, but you can turn the balance in your favor if you know how to assemble a powerful deck and learn when to use the cards that you are getting. 

If you don’t really know much about it, then do not worry! That’s why you came here! In our Mighty Heroes game guide we will give you all of our tips and tricks and teach you everything that you need to know, from getting more cards to how to assemble your decks and use the cards and spells! 

So let’s not waste another second and dive right into the Mighty Heroes tips and tricks right here below! 

Learn the basics of the game

In the game you should know that winning will come by first learning the basics and then moving on to the more advanced stuff, so if you still want to know how to go around the battles without losing, then try to remember these few tips:

– you have your Energy on the right side – it refills after every turn, so if you don’t have enough at start to play the cards that you want, all you have to do is wait until next round!

– each round you will draw new random cards from your deck.

– your decks can only have 30 cards (both maximum and minimum – not a single card more or less).

– you can only draw cards form your deck, so try to assemble it in such a way that you will not have useless cards in it.

– each player can do as many moves in their turn as they want, as long as they have the Energy to do it.

– each player must finish their turn by pressing the “End Turn” button on the right side.

– if a player is AFK for a while, the game will continue as normal but they will have a limited time to do their moves – they will still draw cards and save up Energy, but they will not play any cards.

– there are different types of decks, and you cannot have different faction cards in different faction decks (for example mage decks can have mage cards).

Each card has their own cost to play

Since each card has their own cost to play, you should always try to pay attention to what cards you are adding to your deck. Don’t add only high cost cards because you might end up getting them all at the beginning and then you cannot really do much.

If you only add high cost cards to your deck you will have a pretty hard time playing them in due time, because you will have to constantly look out for your Energy and try to save more and more to actually be able to play them.

I suggest that you try adding a few good expensive cost cards, but also have a few 0-1-2 cost cards so that you can play these early on in the game, when your Energy is still low.

Read the cards’ description!

This one should be one of the things that you do ever since you are adding the cards to your deck. Of course, you might forget what they do in the meantime, but make sure that you give them a good read before playing them just because they are the only cards that you can afford to play.

It’s super important to always read carefully the card description by tapping and holding onto the card that you want to learn more about, while it is your turn. Learn what each of them do, because it’s essential to you winning more games!

Do this and eventually you will not even need to read the descriptions anymore because you will learn what the cards do after a while. You should pay extra attention to do this especially if you have a deck that you want to main, or if you have a new deck.

Sometimes it’s better to not play any cards

Now it’s good to be ahead of your enemy in terms of placing down your cards, but sometimes it’s really not necessary, and that is because you will be playing for the bigger picture to say so.

If you have let’s say a card that you need 8 Energy to play, you might have to wait a few turns for that. It might be worth doing so in certain situations, because the card can be something very powerful, so even if you happen to take some damage from the enemy while you are waiting out your Energy pool to fill up, it could ll be worth it in the end.

Try doing this because it could be super useful, but do not do anything reckless however. Make sure that if you do this, the card (or cards) that you want to play for will be worth it.

Get more cards in Mighty Heroes!

If you want to acquire more cards, all that you have to do is either complete missions and battles, or buy them with Gems. Basically one packs costs 200 Gems by default, but you can open a few packs for free every day.

You can open the packs whenever you are finishing daily missions and are winning battles in the PvP arena. Make sure that you check them in the first tab on the bottom side of the screen (the chest tab), and then head on to the “Open Packs” tab.

There you can purchase multiple packs and see the ones that you can open! A pack will contain 5 cards, out of which at least 1 card will be rare or better quality! I suggest that whenever you have enough Gems, you save them to purchase more cards packs!

Complete your daily missions for free Gems

Every single day that you log in to the game you will see a pop up appear on your screen, where you can see your daily missions. There, you can either opt to complete the given ones or tap on the small “refresh” button next to each missions to refresh that particular one and get a new one.

If you have some difficult missions, you can try to refresh for a new one, but I don’t really think it will be necessary, as the missions are usually pretty easy.

You can also find your daily missions in the fourth tab on the bottom side, the one with a crown icon. That tab is the “Goals” tab, and there you can see your missions and the rewards they give. You can also see the list of “Achievements” that the game has, which are a little more difficult than the daily missions.

Complete the Achievements

As I mentioned above, these Achievements are a little more difficult to complete than the daily missions, but they give way better rewards. For example, you can complete 2 achievements to receive 200 Gems and open a new pack of cards!

Check them out, and read what each of them requires because they are not that difficult to do – they just require a little more grinding.

Destroy the cards you don’t use

Once you open a lot of card packs, you will start collecting more and more cards, and sometimes (more often than not) you will get doubles too! If you do not really use some cards, you can opt to destroy them!

By destroying the cards that you do not want to use (or will never use) you will receive various amounts of Dust, which you can use to craft new cards (or old ones, that you want multiples of)!

The amounts of Dust received depends on the quality / rarity of the card you destroy. For example Common cards will give you 2 Dust, and Rare cards will give you 10 Dust. It all depends on the card that you destroy.

Use the Dust to craft new cards

When you want certain cards, you can either go for the luck of the draw, and pray that you get lucky with the Card Packs, or go for the other, certain way: by using Dust to craft new cards!

As mentioned in my previous point, every time you destroy a card you will receive Dust. This as a very purposeful meaning, and that is for crafting new cards! Make sure that you check out the complete cards list, and if you see some cards that you think will go well in your deck, you use the Dust to craft them!

Collect your free rewards every day!

There are certain free rewards that each player can claim every single day! To check them out, simply head on to the Battle menu (the middle button) and there, you will see on the top side of the screen a “Free Rewards Collect” button. Tap on it, and it will show you a list of 4 rewards that you can collect every day.

You can collect each one of them by watching a short ad, so if you want to receive them, tap on the “Collect” button and the ad will start playing. Once the ad finished, you will have collected the reward!

I suggest that you do this, because you will not only receive free Gems, but also free Dust (without having to destroy any cards) and also a free card! You can collect these rewards every 12 hours! So make sure you log in game every 12 hours to claim them – it will be worth it!

Connect to Facebook to claim free Gems

If you want some extra Gems and you own a Facebook account, you can opt to connect the game to your Facebook account! This will reward you instantly with 30 Gems, and you can also save your in game progress!

Practice until you get better

If you are relatively still new to the game, you should first play in the Practice mode. This will let you play versus bots, and not real people, so even if you lose, you will not lose anything pretty much.

Do the battles in this mode at start so you can gain more experience and try out different decks, play styles and strategies. Trust me, it will be better than starting right off with the PvP mode, unless you are an experienced player.

Form different decks & learn more about the factions

Whenever you get new cards, you will notice that they belong to various factions. Each of the factions will have their own set of skills, and cards that will go along with them. You can check them out in the Decks menu and by tapping on the “+” option, to add a new deck.

There, you will see that for various amounts of Gems you can unlock new factions. You can also unlock these factions if you level up, so it’s all up to you how you prefer to spend your Gems.

Either way, as you level up you can try out the various factions and their skills, but in the end game you should specialize in a single faction or two, so that you can learn all of the cards that you have in the deck and when to use them at their best.

A few more Mighty Heroes PvP battle tips and tricks:

– In the game you should always try placing some cards down, so that you will avoid getting attacked straight on.

– Place the cards in front of the enemy cards, so they will attack each other.

– Use the skills whenever you have some extra Energy that you don’t know how to spend, and try to always go for the damage to the enemy player.

– Always try to form a shield in front of you, by having the row full of cards to mitigate incoming damage to you.

– Since cards can’t attack in the same turn as they are placed, if you need them to do that try placing “Rush” attribute cards.

– Always try to buff up your highest damage dealer cards, both in HP and ATK.

– Try having at least 2 healing cards in your deck – you will see, it’s going to come in handy!

– High cost cards aren’t always the best! They can sometimes require more time and turn investment, than the normal 1-2 cost cards, and in which case it’s way better to use multiple low cost cards rather than 1 single high cost one.

These would be all of our Mighty Heroes tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more useful game tips and strategies? Leave them down in the comments below for everybody to learn them and get better at this card game!

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