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Micromon Adventures Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Micromon Adventures Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Micromon Adventures is a fun little turn-based RPG based on the hit series Pokemon. But wait, they are called Micromon here? Collect and train Micromon, watch them evolve before your very eyes, and utilize their new skills in heated battle! Our Micromon Adventures cheats and tips will show you how to become the ultimate Micromon trainer!

Micromon Adventures plays exactly like the regular Pokemon games, so you will know what to expect here! Let’s get started with our Micromon Adventures cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Watch the forecast!

Every time you enter a battle there will be a weather effect going on. Each weather affect powers up a certain micromon type’s skills by 10%, so if the weather is currently affecting any of your micromon be sure to use their strongest skills to get the most out of it!

Power up your Micromon!

Having trouble getting through some battles? Power up your Micromon! There are plenty of ways to do so.

  • Micromon earn experience from battle and will level up upon getting enough, at which point their attributes will increase. Additionally, you can also spend EXP from your EXP Pool to level them up at will.
  • A micromon’s base stat is very important when it comes to growth. Once you unlock the base stat option, you can see that there is a stone for each main stat. When you invest stones to upgrade the base stat, that micromon will receive more of that stat upon level up. It is important to do this early on if you want the most out of your micromon’s level ups.

Befriend your Micromon!

Another important stat is your micromon’s friendship level. Friendship is built on trust, and what way to improve that than through food?

Each micromon has its own individual friendship level that can be increased if you feed them certain berries. You will also need a certain amount of coins too.

Increasing their friendship level not only improves their stats, but also enables them to evolve, the most important step in powering up a micromon. Be sure to take the time to befriend all of your micromon!

Get your free balls!

To summon new micromon, you will have to summon them through pokeballs. You get a free Ultra Ball once every day, which has a chance to net you the highest rarity orange micromon.

You can get five free Great Balls every day, which have a chance to grant you a green, blue, or purple rarity micromon. Be sure to check in every day so you get more micromon!

Clear out your accumulated items!

When you are not actively playing the game, your trainer and your micromon will continue to wander the area and fight wild micromon. Over time your bags at the bottom left corner of the screen will fill up with berries, equipment, coins, experience, and other goodies. If your bags get full your team will not be able to collect any more stuff, so ideally you want to log in often to claim your stuff!

That’s all for Micromon Adventures. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Micromon Adventures Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


  1. How do you upgrade your badges. I can’t get past the first one. After the fsecond battle my Pokémon are weak and I’ve tried everything

  2. So I’ve just logged back in to Micromon as I have done for about a month to find no pokemon I’m pretty annoyed considering I had a charzard dragonite lucario venasaur bulbasaur and someother orange now nothing anyone else have this

    • I had this issue and was livid about it but without sending in any hate male or anything I simply loged on to the game the next day and all of my pokemon were there again

  3. Is there a way to upgrade the Pokémon’s abilities. In the upper right corner of each ability is the number 1 for me. Was wondering if that means there is a way to upgrade them. Not talking about breaking the Pokémon to unlike other abilities. When going up against the same Pokémon, they do a lot more damage than mine. Just wondering if that could be the case or something else

  4. How do you give them more attacks? It says they’ll be able to use a new attack at a certain level, then you get them to that level and they don’t learn it?

  5. Trying to evolve Pokémon but says “already deployed the evaluation version of this Pokemon” I’ve already tried to take the other Pokémon out of all of formations. How do i take it out of the party?

  6. its not allowing me to evolve my dragonair+3 so i can break my dragonite+5, and they both have all conditions to evolve, and also does any one know how to use z-moves or the RKS- memory stones?

  7. How do you get legendaries? Can you get them on the pokemon machine? By using 1800 gems? Or what is the best way of getting some, because I’ve tried many times andstill can’t get one, sorry I’m a rookie

    • From what I’ve learned, they are acquired in a number of ways, the best way to get one is through the Pokémon shards. They can’t be acquired though the machine, it only gives orange type Pokémon’s.

  8. I noticed the mega stones in the shop, but I have no clue what you need to purchase them or how to even get that. You need multiple little blue coins with an M on them, anyone know how to get it?

  9. How do I get any-charzard? I thought I had to evolve my ex charzard all the way to the 7th evolve but it said it was maxed and couldn’t evolve any further

  10. Alright, so I’m ready to dismiss my lvl 94 delphox for a Var-Dragonite. I take it out of my team, unlock it, take it out of every formation, stop mining for the day, and I try to see if i can dismiss it but my delphox isn’t showing up. It has this red icon on the top right of it and I have no idea what it means. Can anyone help me with this?

  11. What is the world boss? I need to get a lot of mega stones but I have no clue how to. I aint spending any of my diamonds, but i need a lot in order to evolve to megas. Any help

    • RKS memories are an upgrade material for obtaining RKS Evolutions of Red-quality Pokemon. The Shape Stone Packs allow you to select 10 RKS memories of any variety. I would save the Shape Stone Packs until you have decided which Pokemon you want to RKS evolve. RKS Evolution makes the Pokemon much stronger, increases its max IV’s and allows the Pokemon to learn a Z-move (If you have enough Z-move Drives). To RKS Evolve a pokemon, you need that Pokemon’s mega stone, which can be bought from “Mega Exch” in the shop. Once you have this, 100 evolve stones of your Pokemon’s element, and 100 RKS memories for your Pokemon’s compatible RKS type (For example, Fiery Yellow on my Legend-Mew) you can select the evolve button and switch to the RKS select tab, and get your RKS Evolution. You need to beat 500 stages before you can earn Mega Stone points to buy your Pokemon’s mega stone, and it is rare to find the correct mega stone in the shop so make sure you refresh it for free everyday until you find the right one.


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