Micro Vendor Adventures

Have you ever wondered what really happens when you purchase something from a vending machine? From the outside, the whole process seems incredibly simple, but things are way more complicated, as Micro Vendor Adventures, an upcoming platform game, reveals.

In Micro Vendor Adventures, players take control of a little robot called Micro Vendor, who is actually the one retrieving what you purchased from a vending machine. To bring what’s been ordered to the customer, the little robot will have to traverse several different stages filled with hazards.

The Micro Vendor Adventures gameplay is quite simple, but it can definitely be engaging. To complete each stage, players will have to create a safe path for the robot, manipulating the environment. Plenty of other games have done something similar, but the whole Micro Vendor Adventures premise makes it incredibly entertaining.

Seeing the game in action speaks louder than words, so check the Micro Vendor Adventures latest trailer below to learn more about its gameplay.

Micro Vendor Adventures launches on iOS and Android on November 7th. The game is also available for pre-order on the App Store, so that it will become possible to play the game as soon as the release day begins.


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