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Micro Breaker Guide: Tips & Cheats To Breaking Lots of Bricks

Micro Breaker Guide: Tips & Cheats To Breaking Lots of Bricks

Smash bricks in colorful neon glory in Micro Breaker, a new breakout-type game. Micro Breaker is a fun and fresh spin on the classic arcade formula where you hit a ball with a paddle and try to break all of the bricks on the screen. With crazy and fast power ups, different layouts, and brick types, there is plenty of brick-breaking action to be found.

In our Micro Break tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of the game and how to score lots of points. We will explain the power ups, balls, paddles, and the more advanced mechanics of the game as well. Let’s get started with our Micro Breaker cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to breaking lots of bricks!

Clearing your First Level

In Micro Breaker, the objective is simple: destroy all of the bricks on the screen! You will start out with simple patterns with the bricks all neatly packed together so you can easily bonk them with the ball.

You control the paddle with the touch screen, and the ball has physics to it as well. If the ball is moving a little too slow for your tastes, give it a fast smack with the paddle and it will zip along in a hurry. Just be careful that you do not make it too fast and cost yourself the level!

At first, you will only have to deal with regular bricks, but as you progress through the game you will start to encounter more complex bricks, and some of them are even indestructible by normal means. These sturdy bricks have a light blue line going through them, and it is hard to see, but if you are ever wondering why you cannot break a brick look for that line. These bricks CAN be broken with the aid of power ups, like laser shots, but they are not required for the level to be completed.

When you destroy the final normal brick, the level will end and you will be graded on three things: time taken to clear the level, the amount of blue power ups you picked up, and the amount of energy fragments you collected.

Getting Three Stars

Each level has three starts to collect, and you need a lot of stars to progress past the various gates you will come across in the sectors.

To get the time star, you simply need to beat the level under a certain time limit. If you tap on the info button when you are about to head into a level, you can see the exact time limit. During game play, if you get the “hurry up!” warning, you have only a few seconds before you are about to go over the time limit, so… HURRY UP!

To get the power up star, you need to grab all of the blue (positive) power ups that drop during the level. Each level has a fixed amount of blue power ups that will appear as you break bricks, and you need to make sure to grab all of them. Purple (random) and red (negative) power ups do not count towards this.

To get the fragment star, you need to collect a certain number of energy fragments. Every so often when a brick is destroyed, it will release small blue particles that drop towards the bottom of the screen at an alarming pace. Collect them by running into them with your paddle!

Understanding Energy

To play level for the first time (repeat playthroughs are free), you must pay an energy fee. If you lose all of your lives during a level you are playing for the first time, you will need to pay the energy fee again to retry.

Energy will regenerate on its own over time, but there is more to this mechanic. During gameplay, you may have noticed an energy meter at the top right corner of the screen. This meter fills up whenever you collect energy fragments, and when it is full you will gain an energy point, effectively refunding the energy cost to play the level.

That is not all: you also get an extra life, so if you mess up during the level, you will have another chance to beat the level. Your paddle will also be charged after it collects enough fragments, giving an extra boost to your next hit.

Collecting fragments also boosts your score multiplier. When you collect enough fragments, your multiplier will increase from x1 to x2, and so forth. If you are going for high scores, this is a crucial mechanic to understand!

Go towards Levels with Exclamation Marks

Micro Breaker features different paddles, balls, and power ups for you to experiment with, but first you need to unlock them. You only start out one paddle, one ball, and a handful of power ups, but you will unlock more as you progress through the sectors.

At points the path forward will branch into multiple paths. You can clear all of the stages if you want, but if you are just concerned with unlocking new stuff, target the stages that have the yellow exclamation marks over them – this denotes that the stage has a new unlockable.

Choose your Paddle and Ball

Progressing through the sectors will eventually unlock new paddles and balls to try out. Some of them are just for cosmetics, but others actually have different stats and attributes. Here we will list them all!


Paddles have three different stats: size, charging, and special. Size determines the base length of the paddle. Charging determines how many energy fragments are needed to charge the energy gauge – the higher charging is, the less fragments needed. Special only applies to paddles with chance special effects, and that determines the chance of the special effect triggering. The higher the special stat, the higher the chance.

Each paddle can also be upgraded if you have enough credits. Upgrading a paddle will increase the stats on it.

  • Paddle 1: Size 4, Charging 3. The default paddle you start out with. Cannot be upgraded.
  • Paddle 2: Size 3, Charging 4, Special 3. This paddle power ups the explosive bricks power up, granting them bigger explosions.
  • Paddle 3: Size 4, Charging 2, Special 4. Has a chance to ignore impairing effects from red power ups.
  • Paddle 4: Size 4, Charging 4, Special 1. Has a very small chance to activate a shield power up every time you hit the ball.
  • Paddle 5: Size 6, Charging 2. A big paddle with low charging power.
  • Paddle 6: Size 2, Charging 6. A smaller than usual paddle with excellent charging capabilities.
  • Paddle 7: Size 3, Charging 5, Special 2. Extends combo multiplier time.
  • Paddle 8: Size 4, Charging 4, Special 3. Increases your chances of a lucky save.
  • Paddle 9: Size 2, Charging 4, Special 3. Has a chance to electrically discharge every time you hit the ball.
  • Paddle 10: Size 3, Charging 3, Special 3. Increased drop rate of power ups and fragments.


Balls come with inert properties, and they cannot be upgraded. Choose the one that fits your playstyle the best!

  • Heavy: The default starting ball. Behaves like a normal ball with normal physics.
  • Bouncy: Is lighter than the normal ball, which can make it start bouncing if it is boosted enough. This can be good and bad, so be careful with this ball.
  • Combo: Increases the amount of points that you get from multiplier bonuses. Perfect for those reaching for high scores.
  • Dust: Increase the amount of fragments dropped by bricks after they are broken.
  • Explosion: Normal bricks have a chance to explode when hit by this ball.
  • Slow: This ball travels slower than the other balls. You probably will not get the time star when using this ball, but you probably will not lose it either.
  • Through: This ball has a slight chance to phase through a brick when it hits it.
  • Splitter: This ball has a chance of activating multi ball whenever it hits a brick.
  • Nuke: This ball can cause a big explosion whenever it hits a brick.
  • Immune: This ball cannot be grown or shrunk with the use of power ups/downs.
  • Fast: This ball generally moves faster than the rest of them. Good ball to use if you are going for the time star.
  • Neon: Comes in green, yellow, red, or purple. These balls behave like the normal heavy balls, but they are bright and easy to see.

Take Down the Boss

At the end of each sector, you will go face-to-face with a fearsome boss. These bosses act like another player – they will actively seek out your ball and try to hit it back to you. Use everything you have learned to take them down!

For example, the sector A boss is a giant snake-type creature. Its main body is comprised of indestructible bricks, and considering that no power ups drop during a boss level, you have to avoid hitting them.

Instead, you want to aim for the green regular bricks that surround the snake’s spine. It is really hard, but just stay vigilant and make sure that the ball does not get past you. With some patience and a little luck, you will take down the boss!

That concludes our guide on Micro Breaker. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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