Super Gigadroid

The Metroid series has inspired a lot of games since the release of the first entry in the series on the NES console. Despite the series having changed so much, games are still inspired by the first couple of entries, like Super Gigadroid, a new game that is now available on iOS and Android.

From its presentation to its visuals and gameplay, Super Gigadroid feels a lot like Super Metroid. In the game, players will have to explore 12 different levels all coming with multiple paths, secrets that can only be accessed with specific abilities, and a lot of enemies to defeat, including massive bosses.

The game also comes packed with content that allows players to customize their characters. The game launched with an in-game store and currency, but players showed that they did not like the way things were handled, prompting the developer to change the Super Gigadroid’s pricing model.

On Android, the game is available as a free-to-start game. The first 8 levels are available for free, the others only if the full game is purchased. On iOS, Super Gigadroid is still available with the old pricing model, but it should be updated soon to reflect the update currently available on Android. As such, we suggest you wait for it to be released if you are interested in the game.

Super Gigadroid is now available on iOS and Android globally.



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