Metroid Dread: How to Get the Gravity Suit

Metroid Dread

Planet ZDR in Metroid Dread is fraught with dangers, and Samus will need all the help she can get to make it back to her ship in one piece.

Alongside the many upgrades she can find on the planet, she can also find multiple suits that will allow her to further explore the planet.

Here’s how to get the Gravity Suit and what you can do with it.

How to Get the Gravity Suit in Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread

The Gravity Suit can be obtained right after getting the Space Jump upgrade. The Suit is found in Burenia in the location shown on the map above. To reach it, you will have to use Space Jump to reach the Western part of the map, destroy a Grapple Beam Block, and continue exploring the area until you reach a Missile Door. The Gravity Suit is found inside.

What Does the Gravity Suit Do?

The Gravity Suit further enhances Samus’ defense, reducing the damage she receives from all enemy attacks, and protects her from extreme heat and cold, allowing her to finally explore most of the planet without having to worry about adverse conditions. Additionally, the Gravity Suit allows Samus to move freely in water and improves the dash’s melee attack. The Gravity Suit is, after all, the second-best suit in the game, and the only one that can be equipped during regular gameplay, so all these abilities should surprise no one!

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Metroid Dread: How to Get the Gravity Suit


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