Metroid Dread: All Missile Upgrades

Metroid Dread

At the start of her journey on planet ZDR in Metroid Dread, Samus will lose all her weapons and special abilities, forcing her to explore the planet thoroughly to get them back and escape from one of the most dangerous planets in the galaxy.

Among the weapons Samus will have to get back are various Missile types that not only can make some fights easier, but are also required to open certain doors and access certain areas. Here are all of them and where to find them.

All Missile Upgrades in Metroid Dread

Unlike the Beam Cannon, the Missile weapon has limited ammo, so it has to be used sparingly. You can get ammo by defeating enemies regularly or with a counter attack, using a Recharge Station or finding a Missile Tank that will also increase you maximum capacity.

Missile TypeAbilities
MissileHigher attack power than regular Beam and effective against robots
Opens Red Missile Doors
Starting equipment
Super MissileIncreased attack power over regular Missile
Opens Green Super Missile Doors
Found in Ghavoran
Ice MissileApplies a freezing effect to enemies, allowing Samus to defeat them with a single attack or use them as platforms
Destroys Fire Plant
Found in Ghavoran
Storm MissileLocks on multiple targets to unleash a barrage of powerful missiles
Opens Missile Boxes
Found in Ferenia

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Metroid Dread: All Missile Upgrades


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