Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread may not feature proper role-playing game mechanics like similar games out there, but it’s not like the game lacks a nice sense of progression.

During her journey on the planet ZDR, Samus will be able to obtain multiple Beam upgrades that will help her take down the most vicious of enemies and open up new areas to explore.

Here are all of the Beam Upgrades in the game and what they do.

All Beam Upgrades in Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread

At the start of the game, Samus gets stripped of all her abilities by a mysterious creature, and so she will be left with only her regular Power Beam. Every other Beam type has to be unlocked.

Beam TypeAbilities
Power BeamRegular Beam with regular damage
Can open Power Beam Doors
Starting Beam
Charge BeamCharged regular Beam with increased power
Can open Charge Beam Doors.
Found in Artaria
Wide BeamThree regular Beam shots with fast speed.
Can push Wide Beam Boxes and destroy Wide Beam Covers
Found in Dairon
Grapple BeamGrappling shot that lets Samus attach to Grapple Points
Can open Grapple Doors
Found in Artaria
Diffusion BeamPowerful Beam that can damage enemies and destroy obstacles through walls
Found in Cataris
Plasma BeamPowerful Beam that can damage robotic enemies
Can open Plasma Beam Doors
Found in Elun
Wave BeamThe Ultimate Beam, outside of the Special Omega Cannon and Hyper Beam
Can open Wave Beam Doors
Found in Ferenia

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