Meter Maid City! Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


Have you ever wanted to try your hand and being a meter maid? Yes? Great, cause that’s exactly what’s going on in the world of Meter Maid City! Meter Maid City is an action game that tasks you with charging people who overstay their welcomes at parking meters!

It sounds mundane but it’s actually pretty fun. We’ll help you become a top notch meter maid with our Meter Maid City! cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide. Let’s get started with our Meter Maid City guide to becoming the best meter maid!

1. Kick it into overdrive for bonus points!

When your scooter is moving at top speed, you’ll start earning bonus points. If you perform certain actions, you’ll add points to your bonus counter at the top left. If you pull off another feat within a certain time limit, you’ll reset the combo meter and you can keep earning points. Actions I’ve noticed that give you bonus points:

  • Passing a car without crashing at the last moment
  • Ticketing a car in general

In all, you want to be as effective while being as speedy as possible!

2. Track down serial parking offenders with parking boots!

Parking boots are the basic tool to catch serial parking offenders. A serial parking offender is a person who hasn’t paid any of their tickets, so they’re worth a lot of points if you manage to catch them!

In order to do so, you have to rely on a number of things, but one of the most important tools is the Parking Boots. Putting a parking boot on a car prevents it from escaping, which serial offenders tend to do once you’re in their vicinity. Open up your DMV database by hitting the button at the bottom left, and switch the category to unpaid.

Cars listed here marked with a star are serial parking offenders, and you can opt to track them. When tracked, they’ll show up in-game with an orange highlight. All that’s left is to find them!

3. Enlist the aid of hobos and others to track down serial parking offenders!

Random hobos, when offered a tiny sum of cash, will patrol a block for you. If a tracked offender parks in their block, they’ll notify you via alert at the top of the screen. This is invaluable when attempting to go after offenders, so be sure to spend the cash!

Additionally, if you build a school, you’ll eventually be able to hire girl scouts, who are much more plentiful and will work longer. Speaking of which…

4. Depending on what you build, timed parking may appear!

The first building you’re probably going to build is the Shopping Mall, which has timed parking. Timed parking is a little more troublesome than metered parking, as the name suggests.

Once you begin to see these kinds of parking spots, bring time-tinted tickets. These tickets, when placed on a car, will start out white. When 15 minutes have passed, the ticket will turn yellow. These tickets are kind of small, so keep a sharp eye. When 30 minutes have passed, it’ll turn red.

Depending on where the car is parked, you need to ticket appropriately. As you can tell, this is a lot of work for one car but timed spaces give a lot of cash if you can manage them effectively.

When you start to place time-tinted tickets on, you want to plan your route so that you come back around when either 15 or 30 minutes (in-game time) have passed. If you wait too long, the cars will leave!

5. Drive carefully and watch for cops!

Every time you crash into another car, you’ll lose speed and increase your notoriety. Subsequent crashes will increase your chances of the cops being alerted to you reckless driving. Once you start seeing your supervisor at the top of the screen start to warn you, that’s your cue to be more careful!

If you crash into one more car, the cops will then begin pursuit. If a cop catches you, your shift is instantly over. Sometimes the cops will even chase you out of their own accord on the account of you “speeding”. Take that as you will.

Anyways, if a cop is on your tail, a high speed scooter will definitely help, but if you’re still rocking the classic scooter, just go as fast as you can and try to lose them in between other cars.

6. Get into the habit of changing your route manually!

Your route can be changed manually by tapping on the grid button at the bottom left corner of the screen. Here, you can drag your position around the map to lock in your designated route.

If you don’t change it manually, the game will automatically map your route for you. Problem is, the game tends to loop you around the same block several times, so it’s much more beneficial to map your own route, especially if you have blocks with timed parking.

With these tips, you should become a high scoring meter maid is no time. If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below!

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Meter Maid City! Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


  1. I don’t even bother not crashing or speeding anymore. I do what’s easiest and if I get a cop tailing me, I make them crash into other cars. They stop pursuing you after that. Or if I know they’re looking for me, I just boot or tow them as soon as they see me. If they have any parking violations it still costs you, but it doesn’t cost much more than their ticket costs you, so I figure it’s worth it. Plus, it’s kinda fun to boot the cop then scoot on past.


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