SNK Playmore released a tower defense game for iOS, Metal Slug Defense, and even since the game hit the App Store, I played it like a mad man. It’s a great game indeed, but we are not here to praise it, we are here to check out some Metal Slug Dense cheats and tips in what will hopefully become the number one strategy guide for the game.

And even though there’s not a lot to talk about it in terms of strategy, I am sure some of these tips will be very helpful to all players, so let’s check out below Touch Tap Play’s Metal Slug Dense cheats and tips!


Your first move
In all stages, the first move you should make is the upgrade of the AP generation that requires 40 points. The faster you get APs, the easier it is to build troops. And always this move should be followed by launching the cheapest soldier into battle.

Pay attention to the super powers
Every soldier in the game has a special power that you must trigger. You must do so when they start glowing blue, so always be alert and tap them when needed. Just have in mind that each of them has a different action and range, so make sure you don’t have your soldiers use their special powers in vain.

Replay stages to free prisoners
It seems that rescuing prisoners is random, although I do have the impression that the more times I upgrade the AP production, the more prisoners I release (although I am sure it’s just a coincidence). However, you should replay each stage over and over again until you release all the prisoners for some nice bonuses that will make playing the game easier and getting tickets even easier.

Upgrade the Troops and Base
In the main menu, you should hit the “Customize” button and start upgrading troops and your base. Although not really a necessity in the single player campaign, it will help you a lot in the vs. matches where you will find some really tough opponents. Try to max out all your troops first, because you will use them very often, but balance it with troops production too.

Play Ranked Matches for free Medals
Getting free medals is not easy in the game, but if you play ranked matches and you’re good at them (aka win them), you will get some free medals for that. Just make sure you have a lot of good troops when you do it because the competition is very tough there.

Play single player first
The best way to become really competitive in Metal Slug Defense online play is by playing a lot of single player missions. Unlock more troops – better troops, train them, upgrade your base and only afterwards start playing the multiplayer games because you will face some equally well prepared players there and the matchmaking system seems to be pretty random, so you don’t want to be the worst equipped player of them all!

Have a strategy
I managed to lose quite a few multiplayer matches at first because I didn’t have a proper strategy and I was randomly sending troops into battle. Don’t do like me and find the perfect balance between sending troops, tapping on them to use their special powers and winning!

So these would be our tips and tricks for Metal Slug Defense. If you have any other to share, let us know by commenting below!



  1. I dont seem to be winning any medals any more.. Dont get me wrong, i am winning matches, just not medals and ita very frustrating. Out of about 10 wins, ive received medals and only registered as 7 wins.. What can i do to fix this

  2. In some stages I saw an ‘X’ painted somewhere in the background. If I don’t get any of my soldiers killed, I rescue the POW. In one stage I saw a five painted in a wooden wall or door, so I produced 5 soldiers in that stage and I rescued the POW. I might be wrong on this but perhaps some stages point the way to get those POWs rescued.

  3. I noticed that the ap character jumps up and down after you complete a mission, when I touch her or him a pow is freed.

  4. Everyone that has played Metal Slug before knows you get POWs free by “touching” them with your ammo. Go ahead and don’t believe me. Go around throwing granades. There is a fixed amount of treasures in the stage. Sometimes one or more are POWs. GIVE ME CREDIT FOR POINTING THIS OUT IF YOU COMMENT THIS ELSEWHERE!!!!!!


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