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Metal Slug Commander Tier List

Metal Slug Commander Tier List

Metal Slug: Commander has over 50 characters in the game and many players wonder which of them is stronger. In order to find the answer people search it on the Internet. One of the best ways to share the opinion about the best characters is to create different tops and tiers lists. Today we are going to talk about the last one.

To play Metal Slug: Commander you won’t need many different units. To be honest, you will need only five of them. This article will show you the tier list of the best characters in Metal Slug: Commander. You can use them to create the strongest team in the game.

Tier List of Best Units in Metal Slug: Commander

Creating the tier list for all possible units in Metal Slug: Commander doesn’t have much sense as you won’t need to use most of it. So, this list will consist of the strongest and most useful characters in the game. The total amount of tiers is 3.


Beatriz is a great choice due to her ability to heal your team. She is arguably the best support character in the game, but the most remarkable thing about her is her passive ability. She improves the healing effect of your team by 15%.

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Fio is a great damage dealer. Her ultimate ability deals big AOE damage, but most importantly she is free.

Hyakutaro is not a strong character, but his ability to recharge allies’ energy when they use ultimate attacks is brilliant. He creates a good combination with Fio and allows her to use few ultimates in a row.


Growl is a great tank with big damage and the ability to crush enemies.

SV–001 is another good tank. Despite it is not better than Growl, SV–001 is a free unit.


Jin is a good character that deals much damage and can serve as your damage dealer.

Midori is not as good as Beatriz but can serve as your healer.

Schwarz is another great alternative for a damage dealer.

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Metal Slug Commander Tier List


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