Metal Madness is 3D driving action game focused on metal PvP mayhem! Choose a car, pick a weapon of destruction, then roll out and blow up your opponents in an all-out war! Each vehicle has its own unique strengths and powers, so test ’em all out and see which one you can wreck shop with! Our Metal Madness cheats and tips will show you how to become the ultimate metal machine!

Metal Madness is all about knowing your car and its weapon, and how to control your car well. Let’s show you how to do all of this with our Metal Madness cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Buy Battle Containers at the right time!

This is a bit tricky! Whenever you completed a ranked match, you will earn battle points. You can spend battle points to purchase battle containers, which are chests that contain car and weapon parts. You can purchase one for 200 BP, but be aware that everytime you buy a battle container the price goes up by 100 BP.

When the day is over, the price of battle containers drop back to 200 BP. If you want to make the most of your BP, you will need to be a little patient with your purchases. If it gets too pricey, simply do not purchase any more containers until tomorrow.

Master the drift!

If you are moving at a high speed, start turning and then quickly tap on the brake. This will send your vehicle into a drift. You can utilize drifts to take turns at a relatively fast pace which has the potential to throw off anyone on your tail. You can also use it to take turns smoothly without having to lose too much speed. Drifting is important, so make sure you get the hang of it!

Choose the vehicle that fits you!

Each vehicle excels at something different, and it is up to you to decide on the car that suits your playstyle. It is important to take the vehicle’s stats into consideration. For example, we like using the Shotgun weapon, so we tend to drive vehicles that have high armor because we like to get up close and personal. Vehicles like the Crasher suit our needs just fine!

Some vehicles also come with special passive abilities. The Acolyte for example is a big van that can support the team. Whenever you are near an ally while driving the Acolyte, they will be healed slowly over time. Remember to read up on the passive abilities!

Look for power ups!

Power ups are scattered about the map. Keep an eye out for them – they can really help you in a pinch!

  • The Health power up looks like a green cross and will immediately heal a portion of your armor. Look for this if you are in trouble!
  • The Shield power up looks like a blue shield and it temporarily increases your max health. Great for taking opponents head on!
  • The Damage power up looks like a red X and it boosts your attack power. You become very deadly when this is active!]

Duck out of danger and take a breather!

If your vehicle is the on the brink of destruction and you cannot find any health power ups around, try to zip out of combat and stay hidden away from enemies for as long as you can. If you do not take damage for several seconds, you will start to regenerate armor. Keep this in mind if things get too hot!

Complete career goals!

You have a set of predetermined quests called career goals. Completing this is essential to progression, as you can earn vehicle and weapon cards, currency, and most importantly crystals, the premium currency of the game. Make sure to check back often to claim your rewards!

That’s all for Metal Madness! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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