Merge Town is a charming and insanely addictive little mobile game that follows some easy gameplay mechanics: combine two similar buildings in order to get a better one. Better buildings give more profits and you can develop your town faster. Somehow, this mechanic is deceptively simple and you’ll find yourself hours later mixing and matching, trying to get as far as possible and see which is the last building you can create. You’ll have a looong time to reach it!

But we’re here to help! Our Merge Town tips and cheats will tell you everything you need to know in order to progress faster, unlock more buildings and get as much as possible from this cute game. So let’s not waste a single second and instead let’s check out some Merge Town cheats and tips!

1. Keep the game running
One of the easiest ways to progress when you don’t have a ton of time to tap for getting new boxes or money buy houses directly is to keep the game open and running on your device. A box is dropped every now and then even if you don’t tap the screen. You should wait for your land to get filled up with boxes, combine what you can then go through the same waiting process again.

Mystery boxes will drop pretty often too, meaning that you will usually get houses of a greater level, making progress even faster. This is by far the easiest strategy to progress constantly in the game. Of course, it doesn’t beat tapping to rush things out – but it’s the least intrusive and you can basically do this all day long.

2. Be prepared for a long ride!
Currently, there are 38 levels of houses to upgrade to and having in mind that every new level takes longer and longer to unlock, you should be ready for a really long ride!

3. Take all the freebies you can get!
You can watch ads to double earnings for 2 hours: make sure you do so and you always have this bonus activated because the more money you have, the more houses you unlock for direct purchase in the store and, of course, the more you can buy directly. You can even watch consecutive ads to fill up the meter and get double coins for up to 8 hours.

There is also the option to watch a video ad in order to level up a house you’re getting from a mystery box. This is also something that I would recommend doing.

Basically, if you have the option to watch an ad, in this game it’s worth it – so do it. Progress becomes extremely slow after getting your first level 10 house and any extra help is welcome.

4. Buy houses from the market
As you progress through the levels by unlocking houses, more houses will become available for purchase in the store. Their price increases after each new purchase and they stop being a worthwhile purchase after some time. So always make the purchases based on profit per second and how difficult it is to get that actual house in-game from the first level house.

5. Logging out for maximum gains
When you finally decide that it’s time to close the game and take a break, it’s ideal to do so with all your city’s slots filled and houses of the highest possible level left operating in each spot. And of course, you should double the profits when you return, especially if you spent at least a few hours away from the game.

6. Time lapse cheat
We did not test it, but this might work to get a bunch of extra money in Merge Town in order to hurry game progress: force quit the game and go to your device’s settings. Change the date several hours ahead, then launch the game as well. In some cases, you might fool the game into thinking that a few hours passed and you’ll get some money in return.

These would be our Merge Town tips and tricks. If you have other valuable information to share with fellow readers, don’t hesitate to do so. Also, let us know if you have any questions!


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