Welcome to the world of Griddies! You might be wondering what in the world Griddies are, so we are here to answer all of your questions! Griddies are strange little creatures that can be merged with one another. Different species of Griddies have different forms, so you never know what Griddie you are going to end up with!

And that is the name of the game in Griddies, an idle merging game. When you place a Griddie down, tiny little flea start to inhabit the Griddie. Once your little flea civilization gets going, they will begin to generate money!

Players can use that money to purchase more Griddies, and they can either merge their old Griddies together or place new ones down to create a booming population. The higher level Griddies can hold more fleas, which means more money!

Keep in mind though that each level of Griddie changes the form of it, so you will need to do some organization if you want all of your Griddies to fit. Once you find the perfect layout and generate enough money, you can move onto the next island and build a civilization there too!

The Griddie Islands need your assistance! Will you answer the call? Griddie Islands is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store.


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