Merge Quest Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


Your sister has been kidnapped by the big bad wolf, and now it is up to you to rescue her from his evil clutches! Merge Quest is a new kind of idle merge game as it throws RPG elements into the mix!

Obtain new swords and shields by merging your previous ones, and befriend all sorts of monster allies. Our Merge Quest cheats and tips will show you how to advance quickly and earn lots of gear!

Merge Quest, like many games in the genre, is simply about waiting until the time is right. There are a few things to take care of in between, so let’s get started with our Merge Quest cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Keep forging new gear!

The simplest and cheapest way to power yourself up is to keep crafting new gear for yourself. Craft a ton of weapons or shields until your inventory is completely full, then start merging away. Remember that you gain power from every single piece of gear in your inventory, so even if you have an uneven amount of left over gear, you will still benefit from it!

Remember that at hero level 100, you unlock the Auto Merge skill. You can activate it by tapping the glowing hammer button at the top right. Upon activation, the game will automatically merge any compatible items in your inventory.

It only does it for the screen you are looking at though, so you cannot merge swords and shields at the same time.

This is still relatively useful though, as you can just fill out your inventory with basic gear and then watch the Auto Merge do all the work for you. Auto Merge lasts for about 40 seconds, and it has a half hour cooldown.

Recruit new sidekicks!

Sidekicks will fight alongside you and they do not have their own health, so you do not have to worry about babysitting them in battle. Sidekicks are great for adding on extra DPS, so try to upgrade them as much as possible. Some sidekicks even come with special skills, and these are real valuable ones.

To snag one of these sidekicks, you will need to wait a certain amount of time before the recruitment list refreshes. Be sure to check it every now and then to see if there are any sidekicks that have a good set of skills.

Pets can boost your stats!

If you tap on the orange egg, you can see a list of pets. You can hatch a new pet for free every couple of hours, so be sure to check in just like the sidekick list. Pets will follow you but instead of helping you in battle, they will boost your stats in certain ways.

Pets will often time have sidekick-boosting skills, so be sure to pair them up with the right sidekicks. For example, the dragon pet will boost dragon-type sidekicks’ stats by 15%. This can make a lot of difference, so be sure to check!

Grab the gem upgrades!

In addition to the regular stat upgrades you can buy with coins, you can also purchase stat boosts with gems. These upgrades cost gems but they boost your weapon attack, shield defense, and coin drop rate by substantial amounts, and the best part is that these upgrades are permanent.

That’s right – even if you transform and reset your progress, these upgrades are still intact and they will scale with how strong/weak you are. These upgrades are by far the best thing to spend your gems on!

Artifact upgrades are very powerful!

Once your transform for the first time, you will earn a purple currency called artifact points. The amount of points you gain is dependent on how far you got before your transformed. You can spend artifact points on special artifact upgrades that are permanent and provide substantial boosts to your stats.

Much like the pet skills, a lot of the artifact upgrades will boost the stats of specific classes of sidekicks, so make sure that you are taking advantage of them!

That’s all for Merge Quest! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Merge Quest Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


  1. Hey everyone this game is pretty good!
    If you want to advance quickly make sure to upgrade the droprate for coins on te premium shop (the shop which you buy with diamonds…

    My guild ID:gnhmkx (iOS I don’t know if it will work on android users)

    Join me in Merge Quest now! (IOS)

  2. I also have a usefull “cheat” its more like a bug.
    If you send your heros on the quest in a mine or the forest or the gem mine they will collect you many coins ,lets say 1ba. If you reset you have ,lets say 1ah. If you send them out before you reset and then reset they will come back with that 1ba and you can push yourself back to the point where you were before the reset in an instant. Plus you get these artifical shards which will make you even stronger than before in like no time.


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