Merge Mansion Butterfly Event: How to Get Moths and Butterflies in Merge Mansion


Merge Mansion is a fun casual puzzle game for mobile devices. The main goal of the game is to clean and restore the grandmother’s mansion. To do this, players must merge various items to get the necessary tools, decor elements, and even insects. And in this guide, we will tell you how to get Moths and Butterflies for the Butterfly Event.

How to Get Moths

During the Butterfly Event, players must merge Moths to complete quests and produce Silk. They can also be used to get different items from Pool Toys to complete the Casey & Skatie event. To lure the Moths, players must have Post Light level 4 on the field.

You can get the Bulb Box from the Toy Car or purchase it from the Shop. Next, you must merge two Bulb Boxes to get a Light Bulb. Then by fusing two Light Bulbs you get Post Light level 1. You need three more merges of this item to get Post Light level 4. This item will lure Moths to free adjacent fields.

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How to Get Butterflies

You need Butterflies to complete the quests in the Butterfly Event. They also can be used as Moths dor Casey & Skatie event, to receive new items from Pool Toys. But to get Butterflies, you must first get Orange Flower level 6.

To get this item, you need to get the Seed Bag, which drops from Green Box or Flower Pots. You can also purchase the Seed Bag from the Shop. Then you must merge the Seed Bag until you get the Large Seed Bag. This will allow you to get Orange Flower Seed. Next, you must merge the Orange Flower Seed 5 times to get the Orange Flower level 6 from which the Butterflies will drop.

You will have to spend some time getting enough Moths and Butterflies for the Butterfly Event. However, the rewards are worth it. And we hope you enjoyed this guide.

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Merge Mansion Butterfly Event: How to Get Moths and Butterflies in Merge Mansion


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