MementoMori Guide, Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Learn how to get started on the right foot in our MementoMori guide, tips and tricks for beginners.

MementoMori is a new AFK idle RPG with ridiculously beautiful artwork. The game utilizes the Live2D engine to create some really amazing character and background art. Players will build a team of talented Witches, each with their own unique abilities, as they travel the world freeing cities from a mysterious curse. If you’re just getting started, we’ll help you out with our MementoMori guide, tips and tricks for beginners!

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MementoMori Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to our beginner’s guide for MementoMori. Although the game is mostly an idle AFK battler, it has quite the difficulty curve, so you’ll need to be prepared for the challenges ahead. We’ll go over the basics and set you up to survive.

Combat System Basics

Right when you start, your team will fight small skirmishes when you’re away from the game, automatically earning you resources over time. To advance through the story, you’ll need to fight boss battles manually, though they’re still pretty automated.

First, you’ll set up your team. Every character in MementoMori belongs to one of the three classes: Warriors, Snipers, and Sorcerers. All characters also have a colored orb on their portrait, which is their soul affinity. We’ll explain more of that below.

Warriors wield swords into battle, dealing high physical damage, and their main stat is STR. Snipers carry firearms, and they also do physical damage but scale off of DEX. Sorcerers are the only class to deal magic damage, and they scale off of MAG.

Once you’ve finished putting your team together, it’s time to head into battle. Boss battles in MementoMori are completely automated, so just sit back and watch the pretty artwork unfold. Most characters have a total of four combat skills—two active, and two passive.

Characters won’t have access to their entire skill set from the get-go, as they’ll need to be a certain level to unlock them. Skills can also level up once the character reaches a high enough level.

Characters will unleash their active skills as soon as the battle starts, usually within the first couple of turns. Active skill have cooldowns, so a certain amount of turns must pass before they can be used again. Your party will use regular auto-attacks during the cooldown phase, and auto-attacks are pretty weak.

This is where it’s helpful to study up on what your characters’ skills actually do, to ensure you’re making the most of them. Most skills are fairly straightforward, dealing damage to single-targets or groups, and sometimes they have auxiliary effects. Some characters are more focused on helping the team rather than straight damage, so knowing which of your characters can support is very helpful.

For example, some support characters have the ability to speed up the cooldowns of their teammates, which makes them absolutely invaluable during combat. In other instances, some characters can buff their teammates, but sometimes they can only target the teammates that are positioned next to them in the party line-up.

The bottom line is that before you settle on a team, make sure you read up on their skills and see if you need to build around them.

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Understanding Soul Affinity

Every character in MementoMori has a soul affinity. You’ve probably noticed by now that every character has a colored orb on their portrait, which represents what soul affinity they have. Basically, it works like a typical rock-paper-scissors elemental system, with a few caveats.

Attacking with a character that has the advantageous soul affinity will deal 25% more damage. The chart goes like this:

  • Azure souls beat Crimson souls.
  • Crimson souls beat Emerald souls.
  • Emerald souls beat Amber souls.
  • Amber souls beat Azure souls.
  • Radiance and Chaos souls beat each other.

Before you head into a boss battle, you get a preview of the enemies you’ll be going up against, so you can use that information to plan accordingly.

In addition to damage boosts, there are also soul bonuses, which are special stat boosts that activate upon having multiple characters from the same soul affinity in the party. The boosts work like this:

  • 3 characters with matching souls: HP & ATK + 10%
  • 3 characters with matching souls, and 2 characters with matching souls of a different type: HP & ATK + 15%
  • 4 characters with matching souls: HP + 20%, ATK + 15%
  • Full party with matching souls: HP & ATK + 25%

These bonuses activate with Azure, Crimson, Emerald, and Amber souls. Radiance and Chaos souls work a little differently—Radiance souls are considered to be “wild cards”, and can activate matching bonuses with any other type, besides Chaos.

Chaos souls, on the other hand, behave entirely different from the other souls. Just having them in your party will activate a stat boost, as shown here:

  • 1 Chaos soul: DEF + 25%
  • 2 Chaos souls: HP Drain + 5%
  • 3 Chaos souls: DEF Break + 1,000
  • 4 Chaos souls: Counter + 10%
  • Full party Chaos souls: CRIT DMG Boost + 30%

It’s important to keep soul affinities and bonuses in mind when you’re building your team. Having even just the 10% HP and ATK increase can really help during the early stages of the game when things are kind of tough and your team isn’t quite developed yet.

Making your Party Stronger

You should have no issues with the first levels in the game, but the difficulty ramps up pretty quickly, and sooner than later, you’re going to hit a wall. There are a couple of ways you can prepare yourself for the difficulty spikes.

First off, this may seem obvious, but always level up your strongest characters as much as you can. The difference a few levels can make is bigger than you think, as your characters will even unlock and upgrade skills. Unfortunately, this process costs a lot of Kindling and EXP Orbs.

EXP Orbs are relatively easy to come by, but Kindling Orbs are going to be a massive problem later on. Make sure to do all the side activities, while collecting your AFK loot often to keep your resources up.

Next, make sure your characters are fully kitted out and have full gear sets. You can go a further step and upgrade each individual pieces too, which only costs gold and Upgrade Water, which isn’t hard to come by.

Lastly, you can attach runes to your characters to give them specific stat boosts. You can’t do this until you get about halfway through area 4, the Republic of Nedel. Although these seem minor, these boosts really add up if you give them to the right characters. Make sure to play to your characters’ strengths, and equip them with runes that fit their class.

Accumulating Resources

Now, powering up your party sounds like a good idea, but where exactly are you going to get all the resources needed for it? You’ll quickly realize that there are a lot of bottlenecks in MementoMori, and they’re hard to get around.

This where the trials come in. There are currently five trials right now, with a sixth one coming in a future update. The Tower of Infinity is the first trial you unlock, and it’s a massive tower with plenty of floors to clear.

Every time you clear a floor, you’re rewarded with helpful leveling resources, like Kindling and EXP Orbs, diamonds, and even Witch’s Shards that help you summon new characters. Climb as high as you can to build up your resources.

The trial you should unlock is the Fountain of Prayers. This is where you can send out your characters on missions. Once the allotted time passes, they’ll come back, and you’ll earn the listed rewards. Don’t worry, you can still use your characters in boss battles even when they’re out on missions.

There are three types of missions: normal, team, and guerrilla. Guerrilla missions are worth the most rewards, and they aren’t around for long, so make sure to complete them as soon as you can. All missions will reset and cycle to new ones every day, so try to do as many as possible before the reset.

Next up is the Battle League. Here you can go up against other players’ teams to see who is stronger. Every time you win a battle, your rank will increase. You’ll earn rewards at the end of the season depending on your rank.

You have a whole laundry list of trials to complete every day, and doing so will ensure that your resource stash stays full. You’ll need every single material if you want to progress through the story at a decent rate.

Also, it’s important to keep in mind that this is an idle AFK game, at its core. What does that mean, exactly? Well, simply just wait for your resources to regenerate on its own. It’s OK to just pull back and wait for your resources to come back—don’t feel like you need to be constantly progressing.

Spending Diamonds Wisely

Ultimately, this is going to be up to you, but how you spend your diamonds early on can make things much easier for you, depending on your luck.

You’ll get a lot of free diamonds early on thanks to the promotional events. There are two main ways to spend diamonds: You can buy resources from the shop, or you can Invoke, which is basically this game’s word for gacha pulling.

Invoking’s main advantage is that you can get SR characters from it, who will greatly boost your team’s power. You’ll want to fill out your team with as many high rarity characters as you can as soon as possible. Of course, this isn’t guaranteed, thanks to the gambling nature of gacha games.

Some players have argued that it’s much more effective to spend your hard-earned diamonds on the various packs you can buy from the shop. There are a number of helpful packs to get, but many have stated that the rune packs are easily the most helpful. Getting good runes as soon as area 4 can really help boost your team power.

Whatever options you choose, it’s important to weigh all your options to see what’s best for you. Diamonds are somewhat hard to come by as a free player, so spend them wisely.

That concludes our MementoMori guide, tips and tricks for beginners. If you have any other tips or questions, please let us know in the comments below!

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MementoMori Guide, Tips and Tricks for Beginners

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