Mekorama is a cute and fun game where you guide a little robot through tiny dioramas in order to help it home. The concept is simple and art is really lighthearted and easy on the eyes, so anyone of any age can pick this game up and start enjoying it. The puzzles start off relatively easy but they get a little more complex as you go on. We’ll help you get started with our Mekorama cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Spin around often!

You can rotate the world at any time you like. In fact, think of it as a core mechanic to the game. You’ll need to rotate the world several times in order to clear the many levels this game has, and although it sounds really obvious, if you’re ever stuck, try rotating the world! Make sure to check each side to see if there’s anything you’ve missed. Chances are, you’ll see a new path that connects to where your little robot is. It’s all about perspective!

2. Level solutions!

To get you started, here are the solutions for the first ten levels!

Level 1 – Crash Course

As to be expected, this one is pretty easy. Climb out of the water and rotate the world to the left. Drag the circle block over and cross over to the exit!

Level 2 – Run of the Mill

Rotate the camera to the left and tap on the grass right at the exit of the cave. Go up the stairs, and into the little hallway. At the other end, stand on the circle block, raise it up, and do the same thing on the second circle block to get to the exit.

Level 3 – Chunk Error

Go into the red brick house and rotate the camera until you see the circle block at the bottom of a long vertical shaft. Raise it all the way up, and take it down. Go up the stairs and through the cave to end up on the other side another circle block. Take it across, go down the stairs and into the exit.

Level 4 – Two Towers

Your main mechanic here is the “I” shaped circle block formation that you can drag across the river. Drag it so that you can cross to the other side. Cross it and enter the small doorway near the center to get on top of the block formation. Drag it to the small green island at the side so that you can move over to the other side, then enter the other tower through the bottom doorway by moving the I formation. Go up the stairs, move the I formation over, and cross back to the other tower. The exit is straight ahead!

Level 5 – Level Up

Rotate around and drop the circle block into the water. Stand on it and ride it up. Keep taking the circle blocks up until you reach the exit. It’s fairly straight forward!

Level 6 – Spin Out

This one looks pretty intimidating at first, but don’t let it fool you – it’s actually pretty straight forward like level 5. You’ll need to keep rotating the “windmill” at the end of the level to create a path for your robot to walk on. Just follow the path until you make it to the exit. Be careful not to accidentally smack your robot off the path. If you do, you’ll have to restart the level!

Level 7 – Pagoda Push

This one is kind of annoying. See that red robot? You need to be constantly hugging it, otherwise it’ll turn around and block your path. If it turns around and you’re right in its face, it’ll have no choice but to keep moving forward. Just slowly make your way up the pagoda.

Level 8 – Double Maze

From the start, take the left circle block down into the water. Follow the path to the left side of the maze and you’ll see two circle blocks above that lead into the corner. Bring both of them down, cross the first one, and ride the second one up to the grass. From there, go to the other side and locate the two circle blocks with the pipe in between them. Take the one furthest away from the exit down into the water. Now, three blocks away from the exit should be another circle block. Drop that, take it up, and exit!

Level 9 – Temple of Athena

The four “wheels” in the middle of the temple can be rotated. Each wheel has three circle blocks on it, so set them so that there is a clear path for your robo buddy to cross into the exit. Simple!

Level 10 – Deep Dive

Use the circle blocks as elevators to go deep into the water. Before you walk to a circle elevator, make sure to see if you can even reach it by moving the circle blocks up and down. Get all the way to the bottom, then go back up using the circle blocks on the other side to reach the exit.

That should be a good starting point for you. Remember to take your time and examine the environment thoroughly! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!


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