Megatramp: A Success Story Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


You’re a hobo. That’s not exactly the best way to begin a game, but hey, everyone needs to start somewhere! Megatramp: A Success Story is a life management simulator where you it’s all about you and your success story! Live your life as a tramp, working your way up the societal level, until you become the king of tramps! We’ll help you on your magical journey with our Megatramp: A Success Story cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Dumpster diving!

When you first start out, you won’t many actions available. You should spend most of your time rummaging through trash, which is the very basic money/criminal action. You get some junk every time you do this, and a little bit of experience. Just keep doing this over and over again while keeping your other stats up and you should level up in no time.

2. Progress towards building up your character!

If you tap on the portrait icon at the top left corner, you can check out your house, education, and transportation means. These are your main roadblocks to progression! As you level up, you’ll be able to buy new and better options for each of those three categories. You should always be working towards these, and be sure to double check what the requirements are for the upgrades. Some upgrades need to be bought with junk (the blue O), while some need cash. Just a heads-up – whenever you see the portrait say NEW, that means you can afford a new upgrade!

3. Need junk? Wait until you’re level 12!

The first two criminal jobs, rummaging through trash and yards, only yields about 1-5 junk. This is not viable considering the first business job option requires 1,000 junk to unlock! However, when you unlock alley begging at level 12, you get a lot more junk from it. Don’t waste your turns on the first two criminal jobs, just wait till you’re level 12!

4. In a jam? Try converting your resources!

At any point you may convert your resources into another type of money. You can turn junk into cash, cash into gold, and gold into cash. Do note that the conversion rate is different for each transaction, so make sure you’re absolutely sure you want to convert!

5. When you get them, businesses are a great way to earn resources while keeping yourself alive!

So, around the time you get to level 5 of so, you’ll notice that you fall into a cycle of trying to keep yourself afloat while earning resources. You level up, you get all your stats refilled, then you spend about 50% of it earning money, then you switch off increasing your happiness, health, and hunger. When you unlock the business jobs, you can earn resources overtime. Any job that has the little clock next to it means its a gradual job. Once you’ve paid the initial fee, anytime you take a turn, you’ll earn a certain amount of money or junk. This is a great way to earn resources over time.

6. Low on stats? Try out a PvP battle!

If you tap on the fist icon at the bottom left, you can take on other tramps in an epic snowball fight! These fights are actually kind of tough, but you gain experience and level up if you manage to win against other players. Just tap a spot to throw a snowball; try to aim a little ahead because it takes your snowballs some time to reach their destination. When they toss a snowball at you, be sure to tap it to deflect it. You can only get hit twice before you go down, while the enemy player can take around 7 hits!! Also, when you win, all three of your stats will increase a little bit, so it’s a good way to refresh yourself if you need it. Keep in mind though you need 10 junk to enter the arena.

That should be all for your grand adventure to tramp stardom. Just keep yourself healthy, earn money, and keep working! If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below!

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Megatramp: A Success Story Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


  1. Been enjoying the game but confused by some of it. It tells me to consider getting a bodyguard a lot but that’s not an option? Also I buy the newspaper kiosk and it gets bought out every time …


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