Megabot Battle Arena Guide: Tips & Tricks To Winning the Championship

Fight through metal mayhem and take the championship crown in Megabot Battle Arena, a robot fighting game where you get to build your own robots! Choose from the head, core, arms and legs, then outfit them with a variety of weapons like beam sabers, wrecking balls, rocket launchers, and more! Jump, booster, and smash your way to victory!

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In our Megabot Battle Arena tips and tricks, we will show you the basics of building your own bot, and how to get the most out of it. We also have some general combat strategies to share with you as well, so let’s get started with our Megabot Battle Arena tips and tricks strategy guide to winning the championship!

Building your First Bot

So you want to build a robot, eh? The game’s tutorial shows you the basics, but we will go over everything with you here. A bot has six components to it: head, core, arms, legs, weapons, and chips.

We will start out with the most important part, the core. The core determines your bot’s energy value, which is used to power the rest of the bot. The more energy your core has, the more powerful parts you can equip.

The head is the second most important part, as it determines the amount of chips your bot can use. Different head allow for a different number of chips, and more chips means more attack methods for your bot.

Next come your arms and legs. These parts of the bot do not really change anything, but they just add to your bot’s total health pool. Each arm and leg costs a certain amount of energy, so make sure you have enough. Save some for your chips and weapons!

Weight and Bot Speed

You may have noticed the weight stat at the bottom of the screen. Weight determines how quick your bot moves and how long it takes for your boosters to charge back up. Heavier bots are more sturdy, but they move slower and boost less.

Weight is determined by the four main bot parts: head, core, arms, and legs. Weapons and chips do not affect your weight. Unfortunately, you cannot sort your parts by weight but you can read the descriptions to get an idea of how heavy the parts are.

If you tap and drag a part over the equip slot, you can see which stats will change. You can do this with any part to see if it is heavier or lighter than your currently equipped part. This is the only real concrete way to test weight as far as we know.

Your total weight is calculated and your bot is given a general speed class, as shown next to the weight total.

  • 1-3: Very Fast
  • 4-6: Fast
  • 7-9: Balanced
  • 10+: Heavy

You will not notice any speed difference until you hit a different class. You cannot feel the effects of small, incremental changes. For example you will be the same speed at 7, 8, or 9, weight, but once you go to 10 you will notice the difference.

Weight is an important factor to consider when building your bot. If you build a bot with melee weapons, then making them heavyweight might be a bad idea as they will have a tough time getting in close.

Weapons and Chips

Now for the fun part: gearing your bot with the most deadliest weapons! There are all sorts of weapons that you can outfit your bot with, but generally they are broken down into two categories: melee and ranged weapons.

Giving your bot melee weapons will make them deadlier in close quarters. Ranged weapons, like the rocket launcher will automatically fire periodically and let your bot bring on the hurt from afar.

There are also more unique weapons like the energy shield, which reduces the damage from incoming projectiles, but does not affect melee damage. There are also weapons like the Fan Blade, which does continuous damage so as long as you are right next to your opponent. Try them all and experiment to see which ones you like the most!

Next up are chips, which enable a bot to perform certain maneuvers and attacks that can mean more damage overall. The bot’s head piece determines the amount of chips a bot can equipped. You should try pairing chips with matching arms – you would want to pair a right arm attack chip with your strongest weapon on your right hand, for example.

Both chips and weapons cost energy to equip, so make sure you do not spend the remainder of your energy on just one category. Be careful not to use too much energy on your arms or legs either.

Upgrading Parts and Using Modifiers

You will eventually come across parts that you own already. You can either sell the part for some gold, or you can fuse them together. You choose the base part, then fuse the duplicate in it, granting the base part experience. The part will level up and its health will increase once it has enough experience.

You may also come across parts that had a modifier on them. If you see something with a green border in the part info panel, that is a modifier. They will increase a specific part of your bot, making them stronger. Modifiers can make an already powerful bot even stronger!

Gearing up for the Championship

Now that you have built a bot you are happy with, put it through some training matches in the quick matches. Quick matches are perfect for training, as there is no penalty for losing and you get a crate full of random bot parts for winning.

As you learned in the tutorial, you only have access to two maneuvers during a battle, and that is boost and jump. Boosting can close the gap between you and your opponent very quickly, or it can get you out of a hairy situation. Jumping lets you get the drop on your opponent.

Remember that your bot will only attack if it has clear sight to its target, so use the boosters and jumps accordingly to put your bot in the best position. Most of the time just rushing your opponent is the best way to approach, but you can get tricky with jumps to throw them off.

Once you win three matches, you will earn a crate that takes a few hours to open, but they contain random bot parts. If you are having trouble winning your current championship tier, simply play some more quick matches to get better parts.

Take on the Championship Bosses

To win a championship, there are two methods. The first is to accumulate enough points over time before the current tier ends. You gain points every time you win a match, so just keep battling until you get there.

The second method is through total domination, which is achieved by winning several matches in a row. This is the tougher way, but if you totally dominate a championship tier, you will automatically get bumped up into the next tier.

As your championship tier improves, so does the parts you can find. Each tier unlocks higher rarity parts for you, so battle to win and get stronger in the process! However, there are fearsome bosses waiting for you every couple of tiers.

Once you encounter a boss, you must defeat them before you are able to go back into the regular championship. Boss bots are extremely powerful and should not be trifled with – the game suggests you build three bots to fight them, and we highly recommend you do so!

Boss bots hit hard and have a lot of health, but if your bot gets scraped, you can call in one of your backup bots to keep on fighting. As long as your bots are decently geared, you should be able to win most boss bot battles by attrition.

Invest in some Skills

Every time you go up in championship tier, you will earn skill points. These can be spent on special passive skills from the skills menu on the main menu.

There are two categories of skills: combat and build. Combat skills focus on your bots, giving them increased damage and HP. Build skills focus more on utility, like increasing the amount of gold and gems you get, higher chance to earn better parts from crates, etc.

For us, we personally prefer the combat skills as they make it easier to get through the battles, which ensures lots of resources and crates. Ultimately, the choice is yours, but just bear in mind that there does not seem to be a way to reset your skills, so choose wisely!

And that concludes our guide on Megabot Battle Arena. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Megabot Battle Arena Guide: Tips & Tricks To Winning the Championship

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