Our Medieval Clicker cheats and tips will deliver a complete strategy guide for both beginner players and more advanced ones who want to learn the ropes in this game and make sure that they’re not missing anything important.

Available on both Android and iOS, Medieval Clicker is a really good looking endless clicker / idle game that follows an interesting concept, being mission based. This comes as a nice approach and gives you an even greater purpose than just tapping around like crazy just to amass riches.

And if you want to get better, read on for our Medieval Clicker cheats, tips and complete strategy guide below!

Tap with both hands
The faster you tap, the faster you forge weapons and the faster you do this, the more money you make and the easier it is to progress through the game. And the easiest way to tap a lot is to place your device on a flat surface – like your desk – and tap with both hands. It works!

Upgrade your hammer
Your hammer is extremely important, as it influences the amount of crafting points you get into the weapons. Therefore, it’s vital to upgrade it constantly and upgrade its base damage.

There are other options available for upgrade with coins as well, but the hammer should be your main priority. Next, I would work on maximizing the offline revenue since that pays well after one night, then everything else. You will unlock more things to upgrade as you progress through the levels, but the hammer remains your main objective.

Upgrade the materials
You can also upgrade the materials you’re using in order to increase the amount of gold you receive each time you sell them. This has to be done as well, but at a much slower pace because you’ll go through the first three sets of materials pretty fast and you won’t use them again afterwards, so it makes no sense to put a lot of money there.

But once you start unlocking Iron and even before that, it doesn’t hurt to make your life easier and buy a few upgrades here and there for the materials. When collecting money becomes too much of a drag and meeting the requirements for the missions takes a lot of time, that could be a sign that it’s time to upgrade the materials.

Focus on completing the missions
Medieval Clicker is a game that’s driven by missions, so the faster you complete them, the faster you can move through the stages. Check them all out as soon as they’re available and focus your entire gameplay on completing these missions, one at a time.

Keep weapons in your warehouse
Keeping your warehouse filled with weapons is a good idea because it helps you get through the missions even faster. So always try to fill it up or keep it as full as possible, but remember to sell everything before upgrading to a new material!

Even more, when a mission is involved and it requires only a specific type of weapons, you can activate and deactivate the warehouse as needed and only store the required items, selling the other. This can help you get some money to squeeze in some upgrades while collecting.

Tap the strange gems
Every now and then, strange gems will fall from your hammer – tap them and you will gain all sorts of rewards. The best of them will have premium currency, so it’s worth picking them all up and watching any ads that might be required to unlock the most precious ones.

How to spend premium currency in the game
As you progress through the materials, new options for boosts to be unlocked by spending premium currency are unlocked. That’s where you should spend your money on and never on unlocking new weapons, which will happen naturally as you play the game and progress through the missions.

I hope that you enjoyed these Medieval Clicker tips and tricks and that you now understand the game better and, as a result, you’ll perform better and progress faster. If you have any extra suggestions to add to help fellow players, don’t hesitate to comment below and let us know!


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