If you’re into games that are all about dating, you are certainly happy to play Me Girl Love Story, a game that mixes mini games with dating super guys, building up your reputation and wardrobe and having fun. However, it’s not all as easy as it might seem and you certainly need some Me Girl Love Story cheats and tips and that’s exactly what we’re here to offer.

So if you want to master all dates and three star them also, check out Touch Tap Play’s Me Girl Love Story tips and cheats below and your life in meTropolis will be a lot easier – and the guys also easier to get!

1. Learn the topics your dates is not that difficult as it might first seem: first, use your logic as some options are pretty much obvious (like a Mechanic or Street Racer will always love to talk about cars). Then, when things are not that obvious, simply choose a random topic and see the reaction. Remember the topic they enjoyed and select it the next time it pops up. However, there’s a ranking system and they like some more than the others. In the Mechanic’s case, for example, even if he enjoys talking about both Cars and TV Shows, if both options are available, he’ll prefer cars. So always keep an eye on what they like the most and choose the best option to master the flirting!

2. Wear something nice to increase your progress when flirting. The higher your score (that’s increased by wearing better wardrobe items and accessories), the faster the meter will go up. So you should always wear the absolute best items that you have – even if they don’t really match. It’s the overall score that matters.

3. It’s the dates that are the most difficult to master. They are like match three games, but you have an insanely low number of moves and three staring them will be really difficult – but not impossible. Don’t focus too much on the requirements, but instead focus on creating longer matches – four and above in order to unlock the special tiles that will explode and clear most of the board. That’s the only way to do it and you will have to replay each board several times until you get the three stars. But it’s match three, so it’s fun. Plus, it’s for a good cause!

4. Progress through the quests one at a time – you will have a ton of quests eventually, but you should take them one at a time. Always start with the easiest ones (the guys with the lowest style rating) and work your way up while unlocking new wardrobe items. Going for multiple guys at once might seem fun, but it will get too chaotic and you will forget what each of them likes talking about, therefore making your life a lot more difficult.

5. How to craft the characters that you need? That is mostly a trial and error thing, but we’re working to update this guide and share with you all the crafting requirements for all the guys in the game. Let us know if you find out something, it will surely help us all out!

This would be all right now in terms of Me Girl Love Story tips and tricks – check back soon for an updated article and don’t forget to let us know if you find out the crafting ingredients for the guys in the lab!


  1. How can someone pass the martial artist’s 6th date The Rapper?? I’ve been stuck for weeks, cause everything else is locked unless you have 45 dates. Really frustrating, I’m going to unistall the game


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