Heroes and Guardians team up to save the world from terrible evil in Maze: Shadow of Light! In this epic action RPG, charge into battle using a variety of devastating skills. Master the Tag Action mechanic to use combo skills with your Guardian and blow your enemies away! Our Maze: Shadow of Light cheats and tips will show you how to get stronger.

To protect Tera from Diabolus, you will need all the help you can get, so let’s get started with our Maze: Shadow of Light cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Master the Tag Skill system!

The button above your primary skill is your Tag Action button. As you perform skills, the button will briefly flash signaling that it’s active. Tapping on it will summon your partner to come in and unleash a powerful skill, and then they will remain in the fight while your previous characters enters standby.

While this is a powerful technique on its own, it also weakens your enemies depending on how much it’s charged. If you don’t activate the Tag Action right away, the meter will fill up granting it additional bonus effects.

At level 1 (uncharged), enemies hit by the Tag Combo will take extra damage. At Level 2 – the orange broken shield icon – enemies will take increased damage from all sources for a couple of seconds. At Level 3 – the yellow swirl icon – enemies will be stunned momentarily, rendering them completely helpless to any further onslaught.

The Level 2 Tag Combo is great for dealing massive amounts of damage to bosses, while the Level 3 version is great for taking out large hordes of enemies. Knowing when to use each Tag Combo is the key to victory!

Complete Missions!

Missions come in three different flavors: daily, weekly, and monthly. Daily Missions will ask you to do a variety of activities such as completing 10 runs in the Maze, 2 raids, and so forth. Completing all the missions before the day resets will reward you with 30 diamonds, the premium currency of the game.

Even if you complete all of the daily missions, you can keep going to get credit towards the weekly and the monthly missions. Completing all of the weekly missions nets you 100 diamonds, while the monthly missions is worth a whopping 300 diamonds.

If you want the best soulstones and gear, you will need to get them through gacha, and diamonds are needed for gacha rolls. Start saving!

Enchant and skill up!

Monsters kicking your butt? Don’t worry – just take some time to pull back and recuperate! The main ways of getting stronger are enchanting your gear and upgrading your skills. Enchant your gear as much as you want, but just keep in mind that it’s usually a better idea to spend your purified essence on higher rarity equipment.

As for Skills, they are relatively straightforward. Upgrading them improves the damage output and reduces their cooldown, making them available for use again faster. You can’t really go wrong with upgrading any of the offensive skills, but if you really need to you can spend diamonds to refund your skill points.

Stick with Evasion for survival!

You have the choice between two defensive skills: Evasion and Block. Evasion is the default, and it causes your character to dodge out of harm’s way. It has a relatively short cooldown (3 seconds) so feel free to use it whenever you’re in a bind – it could mean the difference between life and death!

The second option is Block. Holding the button down will make your character assume a defensive stance, and this can be done for as long as you want with no cooldown to worry. Blocking reduces incoming damage, so while it’s a little easier to use than Evasion, it’s not as effective. Plus, some attacks – namely boss attacks – are not blockable, so you’re out of the luck there.

Block is okay to take with you, but we highly recommend mastering the Evasion move, as it is the superior form of defense.

That’s all for Maze: Shadow of Light! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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