Mayhem – PVP Arena Shooter by Chocolabs is a brand new and completely amazing battle arena shooter for mobile. In intense three versus three battles, you try to be the first team to get to 100 points. It won’t be easy, but it will sure be fun. And our Mayhem cheats and tips will help you stay on the winning side forever.

Most of the game is based on your skill level – and we can’t really help with that – but for everything else, we’ve got you covered. Not let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below the Mayhem game tips and tricks you’ve been waiting for.

Choose your merc’s skills carefully
Each character in the game can have 4 different skills. However, there are multiple choices in terms of what skills to choose for each of the categories and you should always make sure to bring the best ones into battle.

“Best” doesn’t only mean the ability of the highest level, but the one that is most useful in battle for that specific character. Read the descriptions and decide which one is best on the battlefield, based on your play style and the type of character you’re having.

For example, Rhino has multiple abilities, like the Explosive Rocket he starts with or the Stim Burst which gives him extra speed and health. Even though the latter is rare and seems the better choice, it’s usually better to have the Common rocket equipped in order to deal damage, push enemies back AND get a better cooldown timer.

Log in daily
It’s extremely important to do so because if you log in for 7 days in a row, you will receive 2 Epic cards. Plus, on the way to getting there, you will also get extra money, premium currency and other cards. So even if you don’t have time to actually play the game, log in to collect the bonus.

Join a large, active clan
Being part of an active clan in Mayhem – PvP Arena Shooter is also important because you can ask for extra cards in the clan. This makes it a lot easier to build up the characters you enjoy playing the most and their skills.

Don’t forget to also donate cards to your clan mates in order to make sure that you remain in that clan, and also help your teammates. Later on, we might get even more clan-related features in the game and it’s good to have all members as strong as possible.

Keep an eye on the cards in the market
Each day, you can purchase some cards in the market for regular coins. Although the Epic ones are really expensive and rarely worth spending money on, it doesn’t hurt to always know what’s on sale and buy some cards for some coins. The cheapest cards are the Common ones – and despite their name, some are really good.

How to win battles
This is, in the end, the most important thing about Mayhem the mobile game: winning each battle. This gives you extra medals which help you climb up the ranks and unlock new and better cards, crates to unlock and so on. So here are some tips and tricks to help you win those battles:

– Be a team player and try to stay close to your teammates. There’s no point in going out alone against all the enemies, but if the others don’t play the good game, you have no other choice. The team is important, but controlling that checkpoint is even more so!

– Play to your role, based on the Merc you choose: if you are a tank (Rhino), go up front and absorb damage, shooting rockets and keeping the opponents away. If you are a damage dealer, try to keep some distance, but never get your eyes off the checkpoint!

– Collect those orbs, but don’t focus on getting them. Although useful, it’s better to guard the checkpoint. But if you have some time (for example, all the enemies are dead and waiting to respawn), you will cause even more damage if you leave the checkpoint and collect their own power orbs.

– Plant sentries: they are extremely useful in the game and you should plant as many as possible. Placing the offensive ones in your enemy’s territory will make their life even more miserable, so if you can do that, it’s even better!

– Take advantage of healers: this is what it’s worth retreating for – getting your health back on track. So keep an eye for the healers and when they activate, then go take advantage of them. It’s a lot better than having to die and wait for the respawn time!

Save Crystals for a Giant Crate
Don’t spend your Crystals (the in-game premium currency) on anything else than buying crates. You start with a fair amount of free premium currency and you will get even more by playing the game. It’s going to take a while for you to afford buying a Premium crate, but it’s worth the wait!

Although the Awesome crate is much better because it gives you a guaranteed Epic card, you can also get a good deal from the Giant Crate which will reward you with more cards overall: 128, out of which 8 are guaranteed Rares. You might get lucky and get rarer ones too, so my suggestion is to save for the Giant Crate and buy one as soon as you have the chance.

Make sure to do so, though, when your rank is high – because the type of cards you can get increases as you go up the ranks, so the higher the rank, the better the potential rewards.

This would be everything we have right now in terms of tips and tricks for the Mayhem mobile game by Chocolabs. If you have other strategies or bits of advice for fellow players, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below.


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