The recently launched Max Ammo is a beautiful game – one that will keep you playing over and over again until you complete all missions: and that won’t be easy at all! But we are here to share with you some Max Ammo cheats and tips that will help you complete all missions faster, get the best possible weapons and have the best time ever with this game. And that last part won’t be difficult at all!

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below TTP’s Max Ammo tips and cheats for a perfect strategy!

1. The biggest challenge of the game is to actually make it understand when you tap and when you swipe. This will generate a ton of frustration, but it’s part of the game. So prepare your nerves for the game to completely mistake a tap by a swipe and completely change the course of the game – this is especially frustrating in the Tournament matches, but now that you’re warned, you now that you have to take deep breaths and be ready for it.

2. Keep on moving: it pays to be as fast as possible, including in the single player campaign. This way you get ready for the challenges in the tournaments, and you learn how to do things at the fastest possible speed. Swipe to move from cover to cover, take out enemies while running (difficult sometimes because of things said at #1) and get there ASAP. Learn to switch weapons while running as well, and you will do fine!

3. Don’t be afraid to retreat, though: despite the fact that you have to keep going forward and be as fast as possible when doing so, there will be times when a tactical retreat might be better: for example, if too many enemies are rushing into you, if a missile is about to hit (the red area appears near you). Don’t be afraid to take the step back, regroup, maybe wait for your shield to recharge and then keep on going.

4. Keep an eye on your weapons: they tend to get hot relatively fast, so switching them during combat (or being patient) is what keeps you going!

5. Also keep an eye for and take out enemies that rush into you: the dogs and Kamikaze monsters will actually ignore your shield if they attack you from close range, so it’s best to take them out first with your rifle. It’s fast and safe.

6. When enemies are about to be teleported in, there’s a light that appears before them. You can get ahead of things and tap the light: your character will shoot at the enemies as soon as they appear and you will win some valuable milliseconds that might turn a Tournament game into your favor!

7. Complete the Contracts over and over again, and make sure you complete all Daily Missions too! The contracts give you the much needed money to keep on upgrading your equipment, and the Daily Missions reward you with incredible goodies, so focus on them both to get your character in top shape. Remember: the better the stats of your weapons and armor, the better you will perform in the Campaign and the Tournament!

8. Wait a bit before focusing on tournament games. I would suggest playing at least a few hours (to improve your stats) before taking on the Tournament, otherwise you will keep losing. Do a test run of 5 games to get your first box, but if you have no wins or just one, then wait a bit longer, get better, and return when your stats are better. The more wins you get in a tournament, the better your loot!

These would be our Max Ammo tips and tricks right now. Do you have any other strategies when it comes to taking on the levels and challenges? Let us know by commenting below!

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