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Match Town Makeover Guide: Tips & Cheats to Win All Levels

Match Town Makeover Guide: Tips & Cheats to Win All Levels

We’ve been rebuilding mansions, gardens and all sorts of things… now it’s time to rebuild an entire beach town in G5’s latest Match Town Makeover – a great match three game for mobile.

And we’re here to help make it even better with a bunch of Match Town Makeover tips and cheats, grouped up nicely in today’s guide for the game, one that will benefit beginners and more advanced players alike.

Chances are that if you’re an experienced match three player, you already know most of these things, but it never hurts to double check just to be sure. So let’s just do that below with some useful Match Town Makeover tips and tricks!

Create matches at the bottom

This is one of the most important things that you should always have mind when playing Match Town Makeover: matches should be made as close to the bottom of the board as possible.

When you create such a match, you start moving a lot of tiles on the board, which start falling down, potentially resulting in more matches being made and ultimately making things a lot easier for you to complete the level.

There are indeed situations where matching at the bottom doesn’t necessarily make sense (like when you have to clear a single item towards the top), but in most cases – and especially early on – creating a match, either horizontal or vertical, toward the bottom is ideal.

Save up your boosters & power-ups for when you need them

The game rewards you with a bunch of free boosters that you should cherish greatly and stick to them until things get really complicated.

There are two categories that I am talking about: the special tile boosters that you can select before starting a level (a rocket, a bomb or the traffic light), but also those that you can activate at any point during the level (hammer, bulldozer, rocket).

These are all extremely useful and can make the difference between a lost level and one you win, but don’t waste them unless you have the resources to keep them replenished.

What I recommend instead is hoarding these up as much as possible, then taking advantages of the various sales that you’ll be offered as you play, giving you fewer or more of these boosters and power-ups at a discount.

When to use them? Well, if you have played a level a couple of times, you can consider using one of these boosters – the traffic light one is by far the best to use early on and give you an advantage, but in the end it all depends on the situation you’re in.

One thing is clear, though: using them early on, when the levels are easy to complete without any help, would be nothing but a waste. So stick to them, use them later in the game and make sure that when you use them, they do help you win that difficult level!

Redecorate the village as you see fit

Even though you will spend most of your time matching three or more tiles, Match Town Makeover is basically all about rebuilding and beautifying the resort.

And if you decide that you no longer like one of the building designs you have initially chosen – or you just want to change things up a bit, you can do so by simply tapping and holding your finger over the building you want to change.

In order to choose a different design, you will have to pay some coins, but the bright side here is that once purchased, that design is yours forever and you can always switch between those you already have at no extra cost.

Earn free coins

Coins are really hard to get in this game and everything’s expensive, so every bit of extra coin helps. And fortunately, the developers have a few easy ways for you to earn some coins for free.

All you have to do is tap the friends icon button in the lower left side of the screen and complete the tasks there. They vary froom choosing your nickname and gender to creating a G5 account, but you earn 100 coins for each step that you complete, up to 900 free coins!

You can also earn even more free coins by inviting friends to the game. Tap the invite button in the same menu and bring in all your friends!

There are additional bonuses from bringing your friends in, like the ability to send and receive gifts that make the entire experience in the game more pleasant and give you more chances at mastering even the most difficult levels.

Always focus on the level’s goal

Whenever you start playing a new level, make sure that you take a close look at its requirements and always keep that in mind as your end goal.

Some levels are easier than others and they usually get more and more difficult as you progress through the levels, but they will always be fun. Just make sure you know what you have to do and never create even a single match that doesn’t take you one step closer to reaching that goal!

Match multiple special tiles

You probably know already that matching more than three items in a row will reward you with special tiles, like the rocket, the bomb or the traffic light.

In order to activate any of these special tiles, you have to create a match with them – or drag the traffic light over the color you want to remove.

What you should try to do, though, is saving up those special tiles and trying to bring two of them together: matching them will give you better results. And in order to activate them, you simply have to switch those two special tiles – no matches needed!

For example, if you match the traffic light with a rocket tile, all the other tiles of the rocket’s color will turn into a random rocket and activate all at once. As you can imagine, this gives you a tremendous advantage and can be considered an instant-win in most levels.

Strategize and take your time!

You’re not racing against the clock when playing Match Town Makeover, so don’t make any rushed decisions! Take your time and strategize because you’ll need to do that if you want to win.

When a level starts, take a second or more to analyze the design of the level and the requirements, making a plan of what has to be done first. Then play the game and make those matches trying to anticipate the effects that this will have on the board.

Only if you strategize – even a little bit – as opposed to creating matches whenever and wherever you see them, will get you closer to mastering each level in the game.

Sometimes, you just have to replay a level…

…and that shouldn’t upset you too much. It’s just the way this type of games are created and sometimes you have to play more than once to have all the starting tiles fall in the right spots and give you a better chance at winning.

Some levels are designed to be more difficult to complete – especially without power-ups or boosts, but they are not impossible. So just take your time, put the tips above into practice and eventually you will be able to beat all levels in the game.

These would be our strategies and suggestions for fellow players. If you have additional Match Town Makeover tips that could benefit us all, don’t hesitate to let us know by posting a comment below.

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Match Town Makeover Guide: Tips & Cheats to Win All Levels


  1. How do you get the hot dog in level 1978??? I tried to blast it with the fire, rockets, and using the hammer which won’t work either. I am getting HELP!!

  2. I’m stuck on level 1978 too.
    No matter what do I cannot free /get the hot dog. I’m tired if wasting cheats.
    Any clue on how to get the hotdog ????

  3. On most levels, at least the lower levels, the game will basically “let” you win by making it extremely easy to make matches or creating matches in the tile that drop down. of course, I am only on level 155.

  4. The game stopped when I reached level 2500 and now I have to wait for an update. When does that updat become available? Please add Stevie Dutch girl as a friend. Friends are difficult to get. Thanks!


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