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MasterChef Dream Plate Guide: Cheats & Tips to Win Every Time

MasterChef Dream Plate Guide: Cheats & Tips to Win Every Time

I know that many people dream about becoming a Master Chef, but most of us don’t really have all that it takes to actually take it all the way to the show. But now we have a way of doing it virtually, from our couch, by playing the recently launched MasterChef Dream Plate on mobile.

And we’re here to share with you all the tips and tricks that you need to make sure that your plate is the one that always gets the highest number of votes and that you indeed become a chef that everybody will envy.

Things won’t be easy, for sure, but if you read our guide, you’ll already be ahead of the competition. So let’s not waste a second and instead let’s check out some MasterChef Dream Plate tips and cheats below!

Don’t buy anything in advance

There are so many food items that you can purchase in the game that you should never try to buy anything in advance (except for maybe plates).

Every challenge you launch will show you a list of items that you can use for that particular challenge, no matter if you have them or not. If you don’t have them, you will still be able to select those items and pay for them when the dish is ready.

So really, there’s absolutely no point in buying things prior to starting a challenge and hoarding those items up. Wait for the challenge to start and do it then!

Vote as much as possible

This is a game where winners are chosen by the players. This means that you should work your part and vote as much and as often as possible.

Not only that you will help the game progress, but you will also earn tokens that allow you to take part in the various in-game challenges. So it’s a win-win situation.

When voting, don’t randomly tap dishes, though! It’s important to read the description of the challenge and vote for the player who did it better: if you vote randomly, you will encourage others to do the same and you might end up losing challenges because of this. Be fair at all times!

Take Part in all challenges available

Things are really simple: even if you don’t win in a challenge, you still earn rewards for taking part in it. But if you manage to win, you have a chance at scoring some really cool rewards.

So there is really absolutely no reason for you not to take part in all the challenges available, be them mystery ingredient, time limit type or anything else.

The more challenges you take part in, the more rewards you will earn, unlocking more items to use in the game and improving your chef level. Plus, you will start to learn what people like to see when it comes to the dishes you setup and can prepare more winning ones easily.

One important thing to consider when it comes to creating your dishes for the challenges is that rare ingredients can really make a difference as long as they make sense.

By this, I mean items that can be purchased with diamonds: these are rare and expensive and most people don’t use them, so you will have an advantage if you do, since it will bring novelty to the game.

Take your time to shoot great photos

On numerous occasions, I had to choose one of two identical dishes when voting. In that case, I decided to make the difference based on the quality of the photo.

Some people don’t take their time to take a great shot of their dish: some only capture a part of it, some zoom in too much or too little… there are various mistakes that can be made here and you should make sure that you don’t make any.

Because, in the end, it can all end up as a photo challenge, especially if you’re using the basic ingredients or you’re playing with a dish where you don’t have a lot of options anyway. Take your time to set up the perfect photo of your dish. This could be the winning trick!

Claim your level rewards

As you level up in MasterChef Dream Plate, you can claim rewards that give you various items that can be used to personalize your avatar. Make sure you claim them ASAP from your chef’s menu.

Then, simply start editing your avatar and use as many as you want. You can use two fingers to enlarge these items, you can rotate them and place them anywhere you want, in any way you want to create your perfect avatar.

Invite friends for Stickers

You can earn even more stickers to customize your game by inviting friends. Simply tap the “Get free stickers” button next to your player’s portrait in the Chef menu and invite up to 10 people for just as many rewards.

Learn from the winners

If you don’t really manage to create those winning dishes, look at the ones getting most votes when voting yourself.

If you do so, you can learn from the winners and replicate what they’re doing. You will see that generally, people using more ingredients that make sense, but also various effects and take better pictures will get more votes than others.

Earn free ingredients and goodies

Every now and then, the game will give you the chance to earn some sort of freebie if you watch a video ad. And my recommendation is to always take that offer because all extra items help you create that perfect dish in MasterChef Dream Plate.

It doesn’t really matter if it’s food items or money (or diamonds): they are all useful, so don’t say no. Eventually, you will see that the starting money you have might not be enough to keep creating those perfect dishes!

These would be all the suggestions that we have for fellow Dream Plate players. If you have additional advice – or any questions or comments – don’t hesitate to let us all know by commenting below.

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MasterChef Dream Plate Guide: Cheats & Tips to Win Every Time


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