It’s the tiniest dungeon that you can take anywhere you go! Knights of the Card Table, a new dungeon crawling card battling RPG (say that five times fast!) by the makers of Tap Wizard RPG and Rocket Valley Tycoon, is available now for purchase on the App Store.

Knights of the Card Table is a pick-up-and-play dungeon crawling experience. Three colorful worlds await you with over 100 dungeons littered about. The fun part is that everything is based on cards, so you know what that means – shuffling and rearranging is a key part of the experience!

When you are about to head into a dungeon, you can see the card line up of monsters you will face and items you might discover. If you so wish, you can roll the fabled dice and reshuffle the deck, so you can get items sooner or fight monsters later.

And with that, your adventure begins! Dungeon crawl through Suburbia, the Haunted Forest, and the Deadly Dojo, each with their own unique colors and looks. Knights of the Card Table looks like a Saturday morning cartoon, and the vibrant art style really comes to life with the environments and dungeon design.

And of course, you have tons of weapons and shields to choose from, and even powerful spell cards to use at your whim! There is an endless amount of card combinations, so play how you like!

Knights of the Card Table is available now on the App Store for 4.99 USD. The game is also available on Android, but it is currently in early access and is not fully released yet.


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