Master of Eternity is Nexon’s newest strategy RPG! Featuring cool mechas, epic space warfare, a bunch of cute girls… wait, cute girls?! You heard right! The mech suits in this universe can only be controlled by “pixies,” a group of super-powered girls. Each with their own unique personalities, your job as a commander is to build a team full of professional pixies! Our Master of Eternity cheats and tips will show you how to conquer the battlefield with the power of love!

Master of Eternity is a fun little strategy RPG that you could only expect from a company like Nexon. Lots of cute girls that you can give gifts to… when they’re not blowing up enemy mechs of course. Let’s get started with ourĀ Master of Eternity cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Keep your Suits enhanced!

As long as you’re completing all the medal requirements for each level, you’ll be getting a lot of extra suits for enhancing purposes. When you’re enhancing your favorite suits, be sure to use suits of the same class for bonus experience points. Early on this will be your main method of powering up your team, so it’s important to keep enhancing your suits whenever you get the chance.

Be sure to equip Parts!

The game glosses over this early on for some reason, but your suits actually have three slots for gear parts. One for attack, one for defense, and one for utility. These parts grant bonus stats to your suit, but they cannot be unequipped once they’re attached, so choose wisely. Early on you’ll get a bunch of C-rank parts, so be sure to equip these to the suits your pixies are piloting.

Evolve your Suits!

To pull on the rare suits banner, you need 300 gems for one draw and 2,500 gems for 10 draws. Gems are extremely rare in this game, and you acquire them at a pretty slow pace. Because of this, you’re going to have to power up your team the old-fashioned way, and that’s through evolving.

Most of the suits you earn yourself will probably be C or B rank, and you’ll need to evolve to bump them up to the next rank. To evolve a suit, you need two identical suits that are fully leveled up through enhancing. After that, throw in one of the core crystals and some money and you’ll be able to evolve.

Hang out with your Pixies!

Of course, we all know the mech suits aren’t what you’re here for! You can tap on the bottom left button to enter the Pixies’ Showroom where you can bond with your pixies. Here you can view a pixie’s episodes, which are little snippets that further flesh out the pixie’s character and personality. Pick your favorites and start getting to know them better!

In order to view a pixie’s episode, two conditions must be met. First, they must reach a certain level and this is attained through battlefield experience. Second, your bond with them must be high enough.

To improve your bond with a pixie, you need to give them gifts that they like. Your pixies will sometimes randomly give you free gifts (check a pixie if you a see a pink question mark next to them) or you can get some through the shop. Additionally, you can get a free basic gift for free every hour from the shop, so check back often!

Playing a pixie’s episode is a fun little window into their lives, but it also presents you with certain choice. If you pick the right choice (make the girl happy!), you’ll be rewarded with some nifty goodies, including money, suit parts, and more. Hang out with your pixies when you’ve got some downtime!

Summon friends for each battle!

Even if you don’t need the extra help, it’s always best to summon a random friend to help you out in a battle. Every time you do so you and the friend in question earn friendship points, which can be spent to acquire new suits.

Because of how hard it is to get new suits, we highly recommend sending friend requests as well – you get bonus points if you summon a friend that’s from your friends list.

That’s all for Master of Eternity. If you’ve got any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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