There’s plenty more to see and do in a familiar land as Creature Quest introduces new abilities, prizes and creatures with update 1.2 – available to download and experience right now, proving that VC Mobile remains committed to keeping things fresh for both veteran and first-time players.

Now completely revitalised for a revamped PVE strategic experience, an entirely restricted Battle Tower mode looks set to put your strategy RPG skills to the test. For the very first time, global and guild leaderboards also make their appearance in the game, adding an extra competitive edge besides that supreme sense of accomplishment when besting your friends in battle.


A host of new creatures to collect makes taking on this challenge all the more appealing, with Creature Quest expanding its catalogue of beasts beyond the original 500. The new update now includes the new mysterious Jade Dragon as well as a legendary class Fallen Angel – so providing you’ve still got room on your squad, you’ll have plenty of reasons to dive in and do battle.

Update 1.2 also brings with it a unique Bronze, Silver, and Gold tier system to the established Dungeon Challenge mode. Improving encounters, matching ability, and potential rewards, it’ll pay for players to climb to the top in the attempt to remain at the prestigious Gold level to reap better rewards.

So if you’re looking for another reason to lose more time to Creature Quest’s infectious blend of creature collecting and strategy RPG gameplay, feel free to download it today from either the Google Play or App Store now.



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