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Marvel Strike Force Tier List: Best Characters Guide (November 2023)

Marvel Strike Force Tier List: Best Characters Guide (November 2023)
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Only veteran Marvel Strike Force players remember the time when managing the game’s roster was simple. Today, we have more than 250 characters in the game, so tier lists have become a must at this point.

We know that listing the “best” characters in Marvel Strike Force might be controversial. However, we’ve gathered all of the relevant information and are confident this list will come in handy for your gameplay.

Marvel Strike Force Best Characters

Before jumping into the list, we should clarify our criteria for this Marvel Strike Force tier list. You’re probably aware that ranking characters in the game isn’t straightforward – MSF has various modes and some characters will be better suited for one than the other. Plus, there’s the whole question of team synergies.

Our criteria here were pretty straightforward: The most versatile characters get the S+ tier; the fewer modes a character is useful in, the lower on the list they go. Similarly, characters that synergize with multiple teams will be ranked higher. Finally, we paid attention to which characters you should focus on leveling right now.

One more thing before we start: Since Marvel Strike Force has so many characters, we broke our list according to Origin traits, i.e., Bio, Skill, Mutant, Tech, and Mystic. With that out of the way, here are our tier lists.

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Marvel Strike Force Characters Tier List For Each Origin Trait

Bio Characters Tier List

S+Red Hulk, Nova
SHulk, Winter Soldier, Captain America
A Squirrel Girl, Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, Iron Man (Zombie)
BAgent Venom, Spider-Woman, The Thing, Spider-Man (Miles)
CRavager Bruiser, Graviton,
DKree Royal Guard, A.I.M. Infector

Skill Characters Tier List

S+Kestrel, Nick Fury, Black Cat
SCaptain America (Sam), Shang-Chi, Maria Hill, Sharon Carter, Taskmaster, Baron Zemo
ABlack Widow, Gamora, Mockingbird
BKingpin, Nakia, Starlord (Annihilation)
CKarnak, Punisher
DNight Nurse, Yelena Belova, Bullseye

Mutant Characters Tier List

S+Rogue, Gambit, Apocalypse
SMagneto, Archangel, Phoenix
APsylocke, Omega Red, Emma Frost, Mister Sinister
BSilver Samurai, Multiple Man, Ms. Marvel (Hard Light)
CBlob, Kitty Pride, Namor
DNo characters fall under D-Tier

Tech Characters Tier List

S+Doctor Doom, Kestrel (again), Kang the Conqueror
SKate Bishop, Doctor Octopus
ALady Deathstrike, Nebula, Shuri
BUltron, Agent Coulson, Vision, Hulkbuster
CScientist Supreme, Vulture
DShocker, A.I.M Assaulter, Hydra Sniper

Mystic Characters Tier List

S+Morgan Le Fay, Spider-Weaver, Sersi, Ikaris, Doctor Doom (again), Dormammu
SDeadpool, Strange (Heartless), Wong, Cloak, Dagger, Hela
AThor, Mighty Thor, Adam Warlock, Silver Surfer, Agatha Harkness, Thor (Infinity War)
BDoctor Voodoo, Loki (Teen), Black Panther
CNobu, Gwenpool, Doctor Strange
DM’Baku, Elektra, Hand Sorceress

Instead of a conclusion, you may notice that our lists don’t contain every character in the game. In fact, some lists may seem incomplete – Mystic characters, for instance. This is because our goal was to give you an overview of the generally most useful heroes and villains in Marvel Strike Force. For a deeper dive, keep an eye out for our in-depth tier lists of each Origin Trait category and more!

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Marvel Strike Force Tier List: Best Characters Guide (November 2023)


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