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Best Marvel Strike Force War Attack Teams

Best Marvel Strike Force War Attack Teams
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For many players, regular Marvel Strike Force gameplay revolves around Alliance War. Indeed, this is among the most engaging modes, especially if you build offensive teams to dominate the battleground.

Since the last update to the War mechanics, all players start with their war energy maxed out. This means everyone gets their 10 attacks immediately without having to wait for the energy to recharge, as used to be the case. For that reason, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 offensive teams in Marvel Strike Force. And for avid attackers who purchase additional energy, we’ve thrown in some honorable mentions to fill out your lineup.

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Top 10 War Attack Teams in Marvel Strike Force

Tangled Web with Eternals/Undying

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It’s been quite a while since Spider-Weaver came out. Yet, this Marvel Strike Force-exclusive character is still relevant in all game modes. With the addition of two other Tangled Web characters (Spider-Man 2099 and Spider-Man Noir), the team has become a game-changer.

In Alliance War, pairing Tangled Web with Eternals represents the ultimate solution for breaking nearly every defensive setup. Spider-Weaver can boost the team’s evasion long enough for Ikaris to fire his Ultimate. At that point, it’s usually game over for the defenders. If not, the additional Bleed and other debuff effects from the rest of the team will take care of business easily.


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The Knowhere team can punch up against Black Order in War. This sentence alone should be proof enough of what Nova and friends can do as an attacking team. After all, Knowhere was built for war, and that’s where the team shines the most.

With the constant reviving of Korg, the team’s tank, Cosmo’s exchanging of buffs and debuffs, and Infinity War Thor’s powerful attacks, Knowhere can take on most teams. Add to that Nova and his unique battlefield effect, and you’ve got a combination that won’t fail.

War Dog

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War Dogs are something of old news in Marvel Strike Force, but the team is still as strong as ever. You can often see this team being used in defense, which is both a flawed strategy and a waste of a great attack team. Why? The War Dog team can be beaten easily if you know how to tackle them, but they’ll dominate the grounds when battling an AI opponent.

The newest additions to the team – Nakia and Black Panther 1MM – can be insanely effective. The former can dish out attacks on par with the original Black Panther, while the latter provides powerful boosts to the team in a smashing combination with Shuri’s buffs.

Weapon X

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Weapon X gained a reputation in Marvel Strike Force as a Heroes for Hire killer team. This remains true today, with the team being able to punch up against H4H with relative ease. But if Weapon X can dismantle one of the most resilient War defense teams in the game’s history, imagine what it can do to other defenders.

Granted, there are some limitations to using Weapon X on defense teams other than H4H. Firstly, it’s not certain if Weapon X can punch up against some common defensive setups. And if you’re using them to take on a team of equal or lesser power, chances are you’re wasting an opportunity to clear one team of Heroes for Hire from the room.

Dark Hunter

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Similar to Weapon X, the Dark Hunter team is often seen as a foil for Heroes for Hire. However, this team isn’t particularly good at punching up against H4H, at least not to the extent of the first anti-H4H weapon. Sure, you can take on a 5-10% stronger H4H team with Dark Hunters, but more than that, and your attackers will struggle.

With all this being said, Dark Hunter can be useful against other teams, too. With Morbius afflicting Blind at the start of the battle, you practically get the first turn for free. Naturally, this won’t be effective against teams that start with Immunity or remove debuffs quickly. Against others, though Dark Hunters can be a genuine force of destruction.


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Barring maxed-out S-tier War defense teams, Underworld can take on practically anyone in Alliance War. This team is capable of defeating Young Avengers with ease and will absolutely tear apart teams like Invaders or Secret Avengers. Plus, it’s been a long time since Mister Negative shards have been available in daily Web rewards, so pretty much everyone should have the entire Underworld at a decent power level.

Between the flurry of debuffs, assists, summons, and counters, Underworld leaves little to be desired. Naturally, they still can’t defeat a decently powered H4H but that’s why we have dedicated anti-H4H attack teams. Underworld will struggle with teams particularly resistant to debuffs, although they can breach even those defenses if used with care.


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What would any Marvel Strike Force team list be without mentioning Gamma? Still a staple in every game mode, Gamma will smash through nearly every defensive team. And once Red Hulk’s Ultimate fires, no team will be safe.

That being said, you’ll need to survive long enough to charge said Ultimate. This is where the rest of the team comes in (and why they must be leveled up properly). If your Hulk can endure the opposing onslaught, the entire team will be safe. Plus, Abomination’s Drain, Brawn’s healing and buffs, and She-Hulk’s debuff transfer will help a lot in keeping your team alive until they’re ready to deal out punishment.


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A-Force isn’t always on top of everyone’s mind when it comes to the best War offense teams, which is somewhat strange. The team was built for the express purpose of dishing out serious damage when attacking in War, and it still fulfills that purpose perfectly.

Moreover, A-Team will work pretty well even if you don’t put Photon as the fifth member. For example, you can pair the initial four with someone like Minn-Erva to get efficient heals and revives. Captain Marvel and Spider-Woman will still dish out plenty of damage, while Nico Minoru and Jessica Jones will take care of debuffs and buffs, respectively.

Death Seed

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Yes, Death Seed is primarily a Raid team. And yes, this Raid Horseman team can defeat most defensive teams in the current Alliance War season. Death Seed is among the most common counters for Young Avengers and can take on X-Man teams like it’s nothing. But to be fair, this team won’t fare well against every defending setup.

Defending teams that start with Immunity and/or Safeguard will be a particularly tough nut to crack for Death Seed. Magneto won’t be able to inflict Blind, and the same goes for debuffs that Dark Beast and Nemesis give. Finally, Archangel and Psylocke won’t be able to remove buffs from enemies with Safeguard. Managing buffs and debuffs is the main strength of Death Seed, so stay away from defensive teams resilient to such manipulations.


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With the ability to revive fallen members and a constant output of buffs, Rebirth is an excellent War attack team to deal with defenders who rely on debuffs and early quick kills. For instance, Rebirth can defeat War Dogs even though the first few seconds of the fight might indicate otherwise.

The team is also capable of dealing a lot of single-enemy damage, primarily thanks to Winter Soldier. But if you’ve leveled up Agent Venom to a decent point, you can have formidable AoE attacks, too. Plus, Captain Carter will contribute to your AoE damage output.

Honorable Mentions

While we’ve covered the top 10 teams that should be in your initial setup for every war, those aren’t your only options. The teams we left out didn’t get in the top 10 primarily because they’re better used in defense. Here are some other Alliance War offensive teams to consider:

  • Darkhold
  • Unlimited X-Men
  • New Warriors
  • Infinity Watch
  • Bionic Avengers
  • Ravagers
  • X-Factor

Now that you’ve got the idea of how to build an efficient Alliance War attack in Marvel Strike Force, you can contribute to your alliance better. And if you combine this strategy with a solid War defense – who knows, you might be the next War MVP!

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