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Marvel Strike Force Superior Six Team

Marvel Strike Force Superior Six Team
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Many Marvel Strike Force players remember the short moment when Sinister Six was a formidable team. With the upcoming updates and new additions to the roster, that time may be upon us once again.

The official Marvel Strike Force blog has confirmed that the game will receive a brand new team based on Sinister Six: the Superior Six. Likewise, the original Sinister Six members might get powerful upgrades in the near future.

The info we’re working on initially came from the Marvel Strike Force Discord channel. Now, it’s been confirmed on the main website of the game, so the news is confirmed as valid. Let’s see what the new Superior Six characters might look like.

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Marvel Strike Force Superior Six

Collage images by beniwestside on Instagram

The new Superior Six team will consist of four new characters:

  • Green Goblin (Classic)
  • Kraven the Hunter
  • Lizard
  • Spider Slayer

The fifth member of the team is Doctor Octopus, who has been upgraded, among other things, with a Superior Six tag. For that reason, we’ll also review Doc Oc here.

Green Goblin (Classic)


  • Villain
  • City
  • Tech
  • Controller
  • Spider-Verse
  • Superior Six
  • Sinister Six
  • Legendary

Green Goblin (Classic) is the good, old glider-riding villain that we know and love from so many Marvel media. He has various boosts for Cosmic Crucible offense, making him a potential new MVP for this game mode.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Classic Green Goblin gains Charged and, like many recent Legendaries, can be Awakened to gain special traits. In basic mode, his attacks can’t be counterattacked. Additionally, Special and Ultimate abilities can’t be dodged either, while the Special also can’t be blocked.

Let’s look at the Classic Green Goblin’s abilities.

Basic (Goblin Bomb)320% damage to primary and adjacent targets;
Applies Defense Down
10% Crit Chance per Spider-Verse characters (allies & enemies) in Cosmic Crucible offense
Special (Maniacal Assault)650% damage to primary target;
Clears Barrier;
Reduces target’s Speed Bar;
Flips positive effects;
Applies Heal Block (two turns) and Trauma (one turn)
Ultimate (Goblin Bombardment)150% damage to all enemies;
Clears Barriers;
Reduces Speed Bars;
Repeats attack two more times;
If a Sinister Six Protector is present, applies Safeguard to all allies
Gains two Charged in Cosmic Crucible offense
Passive (True Osborn)Gains three Charged on Spawn;
While Charged, lowers enemy Damage and Resistance, prevents Vulnerable and Ability Block on allies;
While Charged on enemy turn, attacks at the end of turn with 200% damage to primary and adjacent targets;
Flips positive effects on attacked enemies
Applies two Defense Up to Superior Six allies and self on Spawn in Cosmic Crucible offense

Kraven the Hunter


  • Villain
  • City
  • Skill
  • Brawler
  • Spider-Verse
  • Superior Six
  • Sinister Six

A long-awaited addition to Marvel Strike Force, Kraven the Hunter rolls out as a massive damage dealer for the Superior Six team. Kraven is a Brawler who can get Charged, increasing his offensive capabilities further. His Special can’t be counterattacked or dodged and also gets a Cosmic Crucible bonus. Here are the details:

Basic (Knife Work)300% damage to primary and one adjacent target;
Applies Defense Down;
Gains Counter
Special (Can’t Run, Can’t Hide)340% damage to primary and four adjacent targets;
Applies Ability Block and flips Immunity on the primary target;
Flips two positive effects and applies Offense Down on all targets;
In Cosmic Crucible: 340% damage to all enemies;
Applies Ability Block to all enemy Controllers;
70% Extra Crit Chance when attacking Support characters
Ultimate (Big Game Hunter)350% damage to all enemies;
Applies Slow, Offense Down, and Bleed;
Flips Stealth;
Additional Slow and Bleed to enemies with Offense Down
Passive (Most Dangerous Game)If with two or more Superior Six allies, apply Safegard to all Sinister Six and Superior Six allies and self on Spawn;
Gain Charged on enemy turn;
Flip Slow and Heal Block on allies on enemy turn;
Prevent Deathproof on enemies with Offense Down;
Flip Stealth on all enemies into Disrupted when Kraven gains first stack of Charged;
5% Damage increase when Charged



  • Villain
  • City
  • Bio
  • Protector
  • Spider-Verse
  • Superior Six
  • Sinister Six

As the Protector for the Superior Six team, Lizard can keep the heavy hitters alive for longer while messing with enemy buffs and ally debuffs. He also gains specific advantages against Spider-Verse enemies.

Lizard’s Special is of note as it inflicts an additional Ability Block on Spider-Verse Hero and Support enemies. This attack has the extra advantage of being Unavoidable. Let’s go into Lizard’s ability breakdown further:

Basic (Predator’s Rage)240% Piercing damage to primary and 120% Piercing damage to two adjacent targets;
Flips Regeneration on all targets;
Applies Heal Block and Bleed to all targets
Special (Tail Whip)300% damage to primary and adjacent targets;
Flips all positive effects;
Flips two random effects to Heal Block and Slow each;
Applies Ability Block to Support and Spider-Verse Hero enemies;
If Lizard isn’t afflicted with Trauma, transfers and flips all Sinister Six allie’s negative effects to self;
Every flipped negative effect grants a 5% Heal;
Gains Taunt
Ultimate (Reptilian Assault)300% damage to all enemies;
Clears all allies from Disrupted;
Clears positive effects from enemies and copies them to self;
Spreads all positive effects on self to Sinister Six allies (Regeneration, Taunt, and Stealth excluded);
Gains Taunt and two Immunity
Passive (Cold Blooded)Gains five Deathproof and three Deflect on Spawn;
Grants Sinister Six allies three Deflect on Spawn;
Gains 40% Speed Bar if going against Spider-Verse enemies;
Gains Taunt and a 30% Heal if an ally Green Goblin (Classic) gets under 50% Health



  • Villain
  • City
  • Tech
  • Blaster
  • Spider-Verse
  • Superior Six
  • Sinister Six

In the comics, Spider-Slayer isn’t a core member of the Sinister Six. Instead, it’s a robot designed to fight Spider-Man. According to preliminary images, the version we might get in Marvel Strike Force is the Mark V model, interestingly built in part by J. Jonas Jameson.

Spider-Man lore aside, the in-game Spider-Slayer contributes to the Ultimate Six team in terms of damage buffs. The robot also has a small advantage in Cosmic Crucible. His Basic and Special can’t be dodged, while the Ultimate is Unavoidable. Here’s the rest of Spider-Slayer’s abilities:

Basic (Rock’em, Saw’em)100% Piercing damage to primary target;
Grant Offense Up to the highest Damage Sinister Six ally, unless they already have Offense Up
Special (Bugle Blaster)300% damage to all enemies;
Flips Speed Up, Evade, and Offense Up on all enemies;
400% Damage to Spider-Verse enemies;
Every Villain ally gets Deflect and Defense Up
Ultimate (Breaking News)350% Piercing damage and 100% Drain to primary target;
Repeats the attack;
Grants Sinister Six allies and self Offense Up;
Gains assistance from the two top-damage Sinister Six allies;
Ignores Defense Up for these attacks
Passive (Exterminator in Chief)Grants Offense Up for Sinister Six characters and self on Spawn;
Gains additional Ability Energy on Spawn if going against Spider-Verse enemies;
Clears Vulnerable on Critical Strike executed by allies or self;
Gains 100% Accuracy in Cosmic Crucible if anyone on the team has Offense Up

Doctor Octopus


  • Villain
  • City
  • Tech
  • Support
  • Spider-Verse
  • Superior Six
  • Sinister Six
  • Legendary

Finally, we get to the Legendary Sinister Six member who’s been a part of Marvel Strike Force for a long time. As a Support character, Doctor Octopus focuses on the enemy’s negative effects. He also grants Charged to allies, which made him a dangerous foe before, placing him high in MSF character tier lists. As a Superior Six member, he represents an even greater danger.

The upgraded Doc Oc receives a boost in Alliance War and Cosmic Crucible. He also boasts Basic and Ultimate attacks that can’t be dodged, while his ultimate can’t be counterattacked either. Here’s a full ability overview:

Basic (Tentacle Slam)320% damage to primary target;
Afflicts primary target with two Slow
Special (Sinister Recharge)Grants three Charged to all Sinister Six allies who can be Charged, including self;
Grants three Regeneration to the entire team for two turns;
Flips three negative effects on the entire Sinister Six team;
Summons a Sinister Six ally that’s not already present
Ultimate (Superior Villain)350% damage to all enemies;
Flips two positive effects on all enemies;
Prolongs negative effects on all enemies
Passive (Master Planner)Gains Speed Up and Deflect to self and adjacent allies every turn if Charged;
Heals the entire team for 10% on successful Block;
Successful Blocks grant 20% healing in Alliance War;
In Cosmic Crucible and Alliance War, clears Heal Block and grants 100% Speed Bar to a chargeable Sinister Six team member who’s health drops under 20%;
Grants a 15% Damage increase to the entire Sinister Six team in Alliance War;
Grants 20% Block chance and 40% Health to the entire Sinister Six team;
Grants 10,000% Offense Down Resistance to the entire team

This concludes the info we currently have on Superior Six in Marvel Strike Force. The team is confirmed but has yet to enter the game, so there might still be some room for changes. We’ll keep you updated on all breaking news for the Superior Six team, Marvel Strike Force, gaming, and entertainment. Don’t forget to check out our News section to get all the latest.

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