Marvel Strike Force Diamonds: What Are They and How to Upgrade Characters with Diamonds?

Character levels, Gear Tiers, Yellow, and Red Stars – Marvel Strike Force has plenty of mechanics to boost the power of your characters. Now, the game is getting a new way to level up your roster with Diamonds. Let’s discuss the upcoming update in more detail.

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What Are Diamonds in Marvel Strike Force?

Diamonds in Marvel Strike Force will essentially be an extension of the Yellow/Red Star system. If you’ve been paying attention to the latest developments in the game, this move shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Drop rates have been increased for character shards, along with the shards being available in different in-game stores. This pretty much takes care of maxing out Yellow Stars. On the other hand, the Incursion campaign offers massive Red Star Promotion rewards, as well as direct Red Star drops for individual characters.

Simply put, it won’t be long before most players have a significant part of their roster at maximum Yellow and Red Star level. This is where Diamonds will come in to elevate character power past the seven Red Star threshold.

Luckily, the latest update blog on the Marvel Strike Force official website tells us plenty about the upcoming mechanic. Diamond upgrades will be available in three levels, with each granting more stat boosts compared to seven Red Stars:

  • Level 1—10% higher stats, up to 85% total
  • Level 2—10% higher stats, up to 95% total
  • Level 3—15% higher stats, up to 110% total

With the Diamond upgrade, 400-500k characters might become a common sight in the game. And depending on the availability of the new resource, Diamonds could provide a massive competitive edge, especially in PvP modes like Alliance War and Cosmic Crucible.

Marvel Strike Force – How to Get Diamonds

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Much like Red Stars, the Diamond upgrade mechanic will rely on specific credits. So far, you needed Promotion Credits to purchase Red Star upgrades. For Diamonds, you’ll need Diamond Credits, and they’ll function similarly to the Red Star resource.

In particular, Diamond Credits will come in the Silver and Dark variants. Like Promotion Credits, Silver will be used for regular characters while Dark will be reserved for more exclusive heroes and villains such as Legendaries.

The primary method for obtaining Diamond Credits will be through Diamond Orbs and Diamond Dawn Orbs. Diamond Orbs will award Silver Diamond Credits x20, while Diamond Dawn Orbs will contain 8 credits of the same type. As per usual, opening an Orb will require 2,000 fragments.

Diamond Orb Fragments will be available through in-app purchases and the Web Stamp Card. The latter will be awarded after making a transaction of a specified amount.

Diamond Dawn Orb Fragments will be available via limited events, free claims, S.W.O.R.D. Satellite rewards, and Cosmic Crucible. If S.W.O.R.D. Satellite sounds unfamiliar, but don’t worry – it’s an upcoming tower mode, details of which are yet to be made public.

Can All Marvel Strike Force Characters Use Diamonds?

Diamond upgrades will be available for most characters in Marvel Strike Force. The only notable exception here is Minions, which won’t get Diamond Orb drops. When it comes to the rest of the roster, you’ll be able to upgrade Diamonds for most using Silver Diamond Credits. And if you have experience with Red Star upgrades, you may already know how the other Diamond Credit type will be used.

Yes, all Dark Dimension characters, as well as those obtained through Trials or Scourges, will require Dark Diamond Credits. This also extends to other characters that currently require Dark Promotion Credits for Red Star upgrades. Unfortunately, Dark Diamond Credits won’t be available once the Diamond update arrives. Here are the characters that will need to wait for the Dark Diamond Credit release:

  • Ultron
  • Doctor Doom
  • Dormammu
  • Super Skrull
  • Morgan Le Fay
  • Rogue
  • Red Hulk
  • Archangel
  • Nova
  • Black Cat
  • Spider-Man (Big Time)
  • Iron Man (Zombie)

This wraps up the currently available information on the upcoming Marvel Strike Force Diamond upgrades. Keep an eye on our News section to get the latest info as soon as the update drops!


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Marvel Strike Force Diamonds: What Are They and How to Upgrade Characters with Diamonds?