The fight for Iso-8 in Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign is really going to be hard. Your super heroes will need all the help they can get to survive the battle and avoid the mysterious chemical to end up in the wrong hands. Here are some tips that will definitely help you in your quest.

Character Selection


Creating a balanced team is the key of victory. While some gamers will buy their favorite characters as soon as possible, there are way to succeed in the game even with the free characters. One of the most balanced free teams includes Iron Man, Storm and Black Widow, since they can cover a good variety of colors. Power them up wisely and you’ll have a great team on your hands.

Special Attack Tiles

Always make sure to create some powerful combos by always checking which tiles can be cleared with the use of special attacks. The more you take out in a single attack, the more the AP meter will build, meaning destruction for the enemies. Iron Man’s attacks are probably the best out of the free characters so make sure to customize him properly.


This tip is so obvious that I shouldn’t be putting it here but some gamers may not have noticed and ended up waiting for long to see their characters recovered. As you already know, after each battle, you’ll have to wait before your characters are fully recovered and ready for battle again. There’s a simple way to speed up the process: move your device’s clock ahead, and you’ll be recovered in no time. This is actually quite useful if you want to save on your healing items.

Earning Iso-8

The best way to earn more Iso-8 and level up your characters is by playing versus mode. Beating an opponent in less than three turns will make you earn it fairly quickly. It’s not so hard to win against others, provided that you have a good set-up and battle against opponents with your same level of strength. By increasing your rating in versus battles you’ll also be able to earn more Iso-8. In higher ranking battles you’ll be able to earn even more.

If playing versus mode is no good for you, you may also want to replay completed missions to earn more Iso-8. Doing things this way will take a long time though, so I suggest you try versus mode as soon as possible, since it’s not as hard as it may seems.




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