Marvel’s mightiest heroes come together in one all-star co-op brawler! Marvel Mighty Heroes is a real time action RPG that lets you build the ultimate dream team of heroes from all across the Marvel universe! We’ll help you gather all the heroes you want with our Marvel Mighty Heroes cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Pick the right heroes for the right job!

Each hero is categorized by class type. There are currently three classes and they are:

  • Scrappers are excellent melee fighters. They sacrifice defense for better offense! They are designated by a red fist icon.
  • Blasters are long range attackers. They prefer to stay in the back lines blasting their opponents away at a safe distance. They are designated by a purple crosshair icon.
  • Bruisers are great for tackling big crowds head on. They don’t do too much damage, but they make up for it with increase health and defense. They are designated by a green shield icon.
  • Generalists are, as the name implies, general! These characters don’t excel in anything but don’t have any apparent weaknesses either, making them suitable for general missions.

Each mission has a recommended hero type. Be sure to pay attention to make sure your team is suited for the mission! If you want, you CAN have all recommended heroes, but usually only one will do. So, if it’s a scrapper mission, one scrapper should do.

2. Dodge a lot!

The most common way for enemies to attack you is to do a wide-spread area attack. Where the attack will hit is indicated by a red zone on the ground. For the smaller attacks, you should be able to move out of the way normally. For the bigger area attacks, you’ll probably need to dodge. Dodges are performed by swiping in a direction. They’re also a great way to move around quickly! You have no cool down on your dodge, so feel free to dodge as much as you want.

3. Attack quickly!

When you play the missions, your performance is constantly rated against other players. There’s always an event going on, and you can increase your rank on the leaderboard by earning more EP, or event points. EP is distributed at the end of a mission: the more damage you dish out, the more EP you’ll gain. All four players are ranked in terms of damage they’ve done, and whoever does the most damage earns 1st place, which nets them a nice 125 EP. Don’t forget to use your skills! These big skills inflict big damage and their cooldowns are relatively short, so don’t forget about!

4. Swaps your heroes often!

Going off of tip #3, the key to doing the most damage is to always be where the action is. Use your dodge to move around faster! On top of that, know when to switch characters. Do you see a melee hero going after an enemy? Try switching to a blaster hero and take out the enemy before your ally can get to them! While it sounds a bit counter-intuitive to the co-operative aspect of the game, you want to try to beat your allies to the enemies before they can do damage.

5. Collect your rewards!

After an event period is over, you will be awarded with various rewards depending on how much EP you managed to rack up during the event period. One of the rewards you can get is ISO-8, which is what you need to upgrade your heroes’ skills. As of writing this seems to be the only way to obtain ISO-8, so try to place high on the leaderboards! You can then collect your rewards in the rewards section. Also, there are quests listed under the “More” menu. You can get cash, the premium currency, here! One last thing: you can get a free standard rarity hero every 24 hours. Even if you don’t plan on playing be sure to check in to get your free hero!

Marvel Mighty Heroes is still a relatively new game, so if you have any other tips you want to share, leave a comment below!


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