Marvel Future Revolution is a mobile game where you will be able to fight in the famous Marvel Universe. Every person that knows this universe has their own favorite character, and if you like X-men then you are lucky. Storm is a classic X-men member that posses the ability to control lightning. There are lots of opportunities to customize your character and improve her performance in combat. This guide will tell you about the best skills, costumes, specializations, badges, and more for Storm in Marvel Future Revolution.

Storm Skills in Marvel Future Revolution

Storm in Marvel Future Revolution is a strong character that deals massive AOE damage and she is one of the best in this role. Her skills are useful for defeating groups of enemies. The full list of her best skills is next:

  • Atmosphere Control – Frozen Sphere
  • Deep Freeze Absolute Zero – Whiteout
  • Icicle Crash Glacier Strike – Snowstorm Shield
  • Wind Rider Harsh Winds – Mist of Darkness
  • Atmokinesis Wall of Lightning – Wall of Frost

Storm Best Costume in Marvel Future Revolution

Costumes in Marvel Future Revolution are not just cosmetics. They do affect your character’s strength and choosing the right outfit is important to maximize her performance. The best costumes for Storm belong to Xandearth, Hydra Empire, and 80’s sets.

Storm Best Specializations, Cards, and Badges in Marvel Future Revolution

The best Specializations for Storm are:

  • Snowy Winds
  • Heavy Snow
  • Rain Ritual
  • Thunderbolt
  • Blizzard
  • Lightning Rod
  • Headwind

The best Omega Cards for Storm are Midgardia #6 four-set, Xandearth #4 two-set, and Darkzone #4 two-set.

The best Badges for Storm are Lord of the Desert Maestro, Daughter of Thanos Nebula, and Blitz Maestro.

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